Style Board Series: Master Closet

I’m pretty sure that I have closet envy. Yes, it’s possible. And yes, it’s serious. Right now the hubby and I share a small closet. He has half and I have half. Or he has a 1/3 and I have the rest. Whatever. However you look at it, we’ve crammed that baby full and the sad thing is, it’s only housing half of our winter clothes. No summerness is involved yet. Let me just say that a walk in closet will provide the much needed therapy to get me over my “wecan’tfitanotherthinginthiscloset” phobia.  Look it up, you’ll find that listed as a phobia. I’m certain.

With the house progressing (I’ll have an update on that soon. I promise.) it’s becoming a wee bit easier to visualize the finished result. It could be because we’ve basically picked all the fixtures and know how we want it to look, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I have finally made my mind up with the rooms and their style. I actually walked into several of the rooms yesterday and knew how I wanted to arrange the furniture. YES! Does this mean that I’ve finally made my mind up and chose one of the 156 decorating ideas in my head? Def, Def, Definitely!

The closet, unlike the master bathroom, has been the easiest room thus far. It’s known from the beginning how it wants to look and has even give itself the middle name of organized. It’s like the two of us were meant for each other. And because we both agree (the closet and I), we’re giving this room a fresh coat of colorful paint.

Check it out:

(Source Information Below.)

Because of Pinterest, I am completely giddy over several new organizing ideas and can’t wait to implement them into my own space. Look at this smartness:




And these closets are completely stunning and chock full of inspiration!




The top closet image is the closest to what I’m imagining for our space. It has plenty of room to hang clothes, but the shelving storage is fabulous too. Because we’re on a budget and can’t afford to have a completely designed closet system, I’ve created a drawing for our builder to mimic. We won’t have any drawers, which is where the canvas bins come into play. Their functionality and storage space will be wonderful for housing things like socks, undies, swimsuits, cami’s, etc. Easy as pie!

Source Information:

Chandelier- Ikea

Fabric Totes- Amazon

Laundry Sorter- Amazon

Inspirational Chair- Centsational Girl

Ikat Fabric- Spoonflower

Paint Color- Benjamin Moore- Tranquility


What have you been up to lately? Any closet revamps or remodels?

Next up we’ll have the master patio area. This is one spot I can’t wait to get to work on! Spring fever has definitely arrived in full bloom!