Master Bedroom Curtains

Our house is basically curtain-less. Yes, we do have bamboo blinds, but they’re a bit see through… My husband thought I was insane, literally, when we got them in the mail. He wanted me to send them back, but I couldn’t. I had to give them a chance…

They have really grown on me. Some days I go back and forth between the light color, which we have, and the dark color bamboo. I might eventually want to switch them out one by one for something darker, but I’m completely happy with them for now.

One big draw back though: they are completely see through at night! It’s not like we have to worry a ton about it. I’m pretty sure our corn and bean crops aren’t staring at us with binoculars or anything, but we did live in the city for a while and I get all sorts of freaked out thinking about what could be lurking outside in the darkness…. Let’s not go there.

Hence the need for curtain panels. Problem was I couldn’t find anything reasonably priced that I liked. Sure, if I wanted to spend $100 plus on a panel, then by all means my selection was loaded, but it wasn’t in the budget…

A while back we were at Ikea (sigh) and I ran across some extremely decently priced window panels, that came in a pair! Oh, they were the extra long length that I needed too! Yes! But, I only bought 1 package of them… That was the problem. At the time I wasn’t sure where I was going to put them.

A few weeks ago it hit me! Let’s put them in the living room and master bedroom! My sweet mother in law was making a trip to see us from the big city and I had her get all sort of window covering goodness at Ikea. She made my day! (THANKS!!!)

Curtains have seriously made all the difference!

I have to admit, the rod hardware from Ikea was so reasonable priced… like $5.00… that I almost passed on it thinking that it would be cheap! Let me just tell you that I am SO GLAD I went with it! Those $5.00 rods are WAY better than the $35.00 rods that I’ve purchased elsewhere!

I still need to find finials for the ends of the rods. But lets face it, anything is better than what we did have:

Ah, the moving days… What progress we’ve made! Just keepin’ it real!


Master Bedroom Progress: Part 1

If you’ll notice, I have deemed the master bedroom a series. This would be Part 1.

Yes, we have made some progress. Lots of it really, but there’s still so much to do! I’m not going to get overwhelmed, I’m not going to get overwhelmed. πŸ™‚

I’m a big believer in white bedding. It’s so pretty and it makes the room look luxurious, while drawing attention to the bed.

We finally got all of the blinds installed (some were on back order) and now I am on the hunt for curtains. As you’ll be able to tell from the pictures, the bamboo blinds are definitely see through. And that’s a problem. πŸ™‚

Here’s what we’ve got going on right now, which is a total work in progress.

No, it’s not bad. I actually quite like it at times. But it needs more character, which is why I’ve become a compulsive bargain hunter. It seems this entire house is in need of a little “more”, which happens when you have more space to fill and a you undergo a style change. That, my friends, is a husbands worst fear. πŸ™‚

Here’s my to do list for the room:

– Install board & batten on the back wall behind bed. Paint a creamy white color.

-Buy or make curtain panels for 3 windows.

-Recover green floor pillows, which could find their home in another room.

-Find/ refinish long rectangle dresser.

-Buy new corner chair, hopefully something with a foot stool.

-Find small table for entry wall.

-Possibly add a rug to the foot of the bed.

-Find/ make art.

-Find accessories.

It seems thatΒ  list grows daily.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we make progress with the room.

Stay tuned later this week *hopefully* for the breakfast nook curtain panels. Which I made. All by myself. Awesomeness!

House Update: Master Bedroom & Bathroom


It’s all about the master suite today! The bedroom and bathroom are turning out simply amazing, it’s kind of surreal to see it happen. I know I say it all the time, probably more than it bears repeating, but it’s incredible to see a vision come to life.

It seems like yesterday we were buying the jetted tub and toilets…. We’ve come a very long way!

Notice the painted window ledges… now all we’re missing is the ceiling fan!

I picked up the bathroom mirrors at Ross for a complete steal. The only problem is that they’re black… it’s a little bit too dark for me, so they’re getting a fresh coat of white paint very soon.

The tile is completely finished, including grout. It’s dreamy.

We love it! It’s turned our fabulous. There are just a few minor things left to do. Like installing the mirrors, towel racks, major cleaning, etc. I’ll be sure to keep you posted and I can’t wait to show you the final reveal!!

We’re so close!! And yes, we’re still planning on moving in this weekend. Which is basically 2 (TWO) days away! Sweetness!

House Update: Drywall Part Three

Excitement is in the air! It’s been a happy day at the house. So much progress has been made and the house looks entirely different. I actually walked inside the house expecting to see a few 2 x 4 walls… crickets…. I stopped dead in my tracks! There are no 2 x 4 walls inside the house. Nope, nadda, zilch! They are covered!

Except the garage… which should be finished up tomorrow. But, the garage isn’t included in the interior portion of the house… so I’m calling the interior finished!

Can you BELIEVE this? I’m still in a bit of shock myself. For realz!

I mean, a few weeks ago we had this:

And then last week I left you with this:

But…. this is what it looks like NOW:

Notice the island wall… whoa!

Here’s what the rest of the house looks like:



Laundry room platforms!

Laundry room


Guest Room

Mud Room


Garage- the only 2 x 4’s left!

So, pretty impressive right? I’m completely obsessed about this house and it’s amazing to see the completion date get closer. It’s an incredible feeling to know that this lovely house will be our home and we can’t wait to unpack our boxes, which have been in storage a very long time.

Unpacking… sigh… the thought is dreamy.

House Update: Drywall Part One

Well, it’s official!

We finally have drywall! It’s such a beautiful sight and I could spend hours staring at it. *Sigh* We’re finally to the point that I never thought would come. I’ve felt like we’ve been waiting 5 years for this, but in reality it’s only been 9 months. Practically the same difference, right? Especially to two people who lack some serious patience…

We’re anxious. We’re ready. We’re definitely anxious. Oops. I already mentioned that.

This week we should see some serious progress. So much progress that my happy heart might actually burst with pure joy! It’s amazing how much we’re already in love with our home, and we haven’t even lived in it yet! It’s a dreamy love and we’re just waiting for it to become a reality! Fingers crossed, it should be soon!

Here’s what we have to date:

Kitchen view.

Living/ Breakfast/ Kitchen

Dining/ Entry

Kitchen/ Living Room

Master Bedroom

Doesn’t it look completely different? And that’s just the ceilings! I can’t wait to see the walls done!

Lined up for this week is more drywalling and stucco! It’s about to change around here! Totally sweet, eh?

Style Board Series- Master Bedroom

Heya!! Happy Friday to everyone and welcome to another post in the Home Inspiration Style Board Series!

Last week we talked about the design for my future office (which I’m still loving, but have thought of more ideas) and today the focus is all about the master bedroom.

These days it’s all about a soothing environment, and since words are the best way to describe how you want a room to look, I decided to put together a little list that fits the image in my head. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Soft
  • Soothing
  • Comforting
  • Relaxing
  • Luxurious
  • Welcoming
  • Bright
  • Layered
  • Cheerful

While picking out items to match up to my descriptions, I kept seeing images of luxury hotel bedrooms pop into my head. Rooms with thick, plush, white bedding, luxury feather pillows and soft sheets paired with cozy sitting areas, proper lighting and a lush breezy patio area. It’s like the ultimate retreat!

But, I also want to add my own spin with a few pops of color and patterns. It’s what makes the world go round!

This is what I have come up with:

(Source Information is Below.)

I’m particularly enjoying the combination of the wingback furniture with the contemporary patterns and the contrast of the aqua and gray. It’s becoming quite the serious infatuation. I’ve also discovered something substantial about myself… I have a huge obsession with bedding! I mean, I could probably change the comforter/ duvet set daily. And that can get expensive… So I’m going with the most recent crush, which is white bedding. And white bedding is flexible. It’s a color with many friends. Plus, it looks soooooo pretty! I can’t be alone in this, right?

Take a look at these seriously gorgeous bedrooms.











Aren’t these images stunning and oh so inspiring? I just want to soak up every single detail and add it to my memory bank! I simply can’t wait to design this room on a budget.

Here Goes!

Source Information:

Wingback Queen Bed- American Furniture Warehouse

Bedroom Chair- American Furniture Warehouse

Upholstered Storage Bench- Home Decorators

Wingback Chair- American Furniture Warehouse

Table Top Lamps- Ikea

Wicker Nightstands- Hobby Lobby, can’t find link.

White Bedding- West Elm

Teal Blanket- West Elm

Pattern Pillow- West Elm

Chevron Pillow- Etsy Shop

Aqua Pattern Pillow- Etsy Shop

Mirror- American Furniture Warehouse


Well, what do you think of white bedding? Are you as completely obsessed as me?

Next up, we’re going to focus on the master bathroom, followed by the master patio area. It’ll be lots of fun! And inspiring. We can’t forget inspiring!