Christmas Shelves- AKA- My Mantle

You may remember that when we built our kitchen shelves all I could think about was decorating them for Christmas. Needless to say, I was quite the happy lady when it was time to decorate.  Ah, the joy!

I think I still might be floating on a cloud.

Admittedly, I did struggle with narrowing down my theme for this year. I soaked in so much inspiration that I wanted to include it all. That probably wouldn’t have turned out so great… Finally, I decided on a classic Christmas color duo: Silver & Gold. The only problem with my theme is that every time I say it in my head, I start singing the “Silver & Gold” song from Rudolf. Wait, that may not be that bad of a problem…  With the Silver & Gold, I decided to incorporate as much of nature as possible. That’s where its at. I’m nature inspired!

Let me also admit that I’m cheap. Like, I seriously didn’t want to buy a single thing, cheap. And for the most part, I really didn’t. I get a great thrill from re-using things we already have.

Because we don’t have a mantle, these shelves pose as mine instead.


For one of my “nature” aspects, I decided to make my own frosted trees from sticks I found outside. Stay tuned for the tutorial. They turned out lovely!


Honestly, saying that I love these trees is a HUGE understatement. I’m pretty sure they were the only thing I could talk about for two days. Feel sorry for my glitter hating husband…

Since I couldn’t get enough of my frosted trees, I decided to draw one on a little chalkboard too. (Seriously, I could have done a better job erasing my previous drawing… Make me feel better and pretend you don’t see that, okay?)


Again, those trees. AKA, my new best friends.


I had a lot of fun playing with different textures too. I really like how the soft, hard, fluffy and sleek textures all come together.




For the top shelf, I made a REALLY easy wreath from cotton balls and jingle bells, tutorial coming soon! It couldn’t be more lovely. And the textures are stunning combined with the tumbleweed branches from outside.


Practically perfect with a couple of DIY frosted pine cones beside it. Tutorial coming soon.





I can’t wait to show you the rest of our house! And stay tuned for several new tutorials!

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Kitchen Shelves

I have major excitement today… this weekend I was able to talk my sweet, sweet husband into helping me finish a DIY project that I’ve been dreaming about and planning for forever.

You know I really like something if I haven’t changed my plans for two months… that’ll happen around our abode. I like to change things around a lot. 😉

This DIY project  is really nothing new to the blog world. Kitchen shelves have popped up everywhere. And, as I found out this weekend, for good reason. They’re awesome. And, oh so versatile.

First off, I had a really great reason for wanting these shelves… amongst their obvious beauty of course.

We don’t have a fireplace. When we built our house we debated about adding a fireplace… I really like the look and ambiance that a fireplace gives a space, but I certainly didn’t want to have that as a primary or secondary source of heat. Plus, I really didn’t want to have the mess of chopping down wood and packing it through the house… Me no likey the mess. Trust me. I grew up in a house with a fireplace. That darn bark and dirt gets everywhere…. It ah, drives me crazy. And who wants to pay for something they’re not going to use?

(We don’t have natural gas either… just propane. And we weren’t having ANYTHING in the house fueled by propane except the gas cooktop… propane can be crazy pricey… We went with Geo-Thermal and LOVE it.)

But what I do like about fireplaces, is the mantle! You’re totally shocked that I just said that, right? Like, you weren’t expecting that as my reasoning… (Sense my sarcasm). Ok, glad we’re on the same page now. Moving on…

Mantles are pretty and they give so much freedom for decorating. They’re like clothes, you could change it daily. And without a whole lot of work to boot.

These shelves are like my mantle.  (Insert warm fuzzies HERE).

I majorly love these shelves…

Since they made an appearance in fall, of course I had to deck them out for the season. But, seriously, how awesome will these be to decorate with every changing season or on a whim or for anything! Really. So awesome!

Honestly, they were so easy to make. I’m a really bad blogger though, and I didn’t take pictures for a tutorial… just call me lame. Get it over with. I’ll wait. Seriously, go ahead. I was just thrilled to have my hubby’s attention and focus. I didn’t want him to get all sidetracked by me taking pictures and writing down step by step directions while he was helping me build them…

But, basically we just started building them. We sorta did it like this though. (Be sure to check out their AWESOME shelves too. Lovely.)

I love how ours turned out. I walk by to stare at them. I stand in the kitchen to stare at them. I sit on the couch to stare at them.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m already working on several ideas. I’m pretty easy to make happy. Just give me some shelves and I’m all set.

Big Smiles!

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October Month in Review

Happy November 1st! Was it just me, or did October fly by?

I’m doing something new today. I’m wrapping up October… in one post. Welcome to our first Month in Review.

I kicked off October by Decorating the front porch with corn stalks:

Then I revealed my Painted Secretary:

The Secretary Reveal launched us into a ton of Entryway Updates:

With that, I showed you several new tutorials. Like the DIY Skeleton Key Art:

And the DIY Stick & Twig Star:

After the star I showed you my Upholstered Thrift Store Chair:

And then moved into the kitchen with my White Kitchen Tray:

Then it was onto more fall decorating- Happy Fall: Stick Style:

With that, I started a new series and showed you my Fall Welcome Banner:

Next, it was all about the office with my Office Desk Organizer Makeover: (say that three times fast!)

And then off to the Free Mudroom Bench:

Followed by the Living Room Curtains:

After that I told you all about our Breakfast Nook Plans:


After sharing my plans & inspiration, it was back to the mudroom with our updated Burlap Frame:

And finally, I wrapped up the month revealing my Painted Sewing Machine Table:

Whew! What a month! That was a lot! I feel so accomplished. 😉

What was your favorite project? Do tell!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more!

Big Smiles!

Kitchen Tray

I’m a big believer in trays. I like how they instantly “group” something, or how they make an item look special. Anytime I find a tray, or something that even resembles one, I snatch it up and find a home for it. There’s always a place, trust me.

My latest find at the thrift store was this little beauty:

When I brought it home it didn’t looks so good. It was a really hideous red… Not that I have anything against red, but this had an orange-y tint to it. Blah.

I was in such a rush to get rid of the color, that I painted it before I took a “before” picture. Doh! Call me smart.

It’s playing a pretty big role by holding the olive oil, salt and pepper, plus a few pretties.

Our kitchen is still a room that needs a little personality, but projects like these sure help!

Ah, the simple pleasures…

Big Smiles!

Lovely Fabric Finds New Home

On my recent trip to JoAnn’s Fabric I found two fabrics that I had to have. If you’ve ever shopped for fabric, you know that if you find something you love, you will completely regret not buying it. Right then. I tend to dream about it for three days before I’ve finally had enough. Then I go back to buy it, and it’s gone. HATE THAT! Aarrrgggg…..

I did a little preventative maintenance this go round and I bought a yard of each of these beauties:

Yes, I am aware that we are going into fall. And yes, I am also aware that one of these fabrics is spring/ summery. I don’t care. The little voice was telling me that I had to buy these… listen to the little voice, people. Listen. I’ve learned the hard way, ok. Let’s save each other a whole lotta heart ache and just buy it! I can’t even think about not having this fabric. I tried.  I thought about walking out, arms empty, but then regret was setting in. So I bought them. Don’t judge.

I’m thinking kitchen tea towels. Or maybe napkins. Either way, they’re going to be lovely.

Chalk It Up!

On my last visit to our local thrift store I bought a frame and mirror combo. It wasn’t really my style… but I saw potential!

It had been at the thrift store for a couple of months and was 50% off! YES!

Here it was before:

Why yes, I had already removed the mirror, pictures and hooks before I realized I didn’t take a “before” picture. My bad.

Here’s the after:

It turned out awesome! I simply sprayed the mirror with 3 heavy coats of chalkboard spray paint, sprayed the frame white and covered the photo slots with some leftover fabric! Love!

I now have a place to hang my apron! Sometimes it can be out of sight, out of mind. But not for this lady anymore. 🙂

Need to leave a memo or remember something? No problem! We have the perfect spot!

My hubby liked it too. Double bonus. 🙂

It’s truly amazing what a simple “homey” touch like this can do to a space. It kind of makes me want to bake, hence the towel. 🙂

So in all, I spent $10. Pretty sweet price for a happy chalkboard owner.

Kitchen Progress

Happy Friday!

I have been working on the kitchen for the past couple of days and have finally made some progress that’s worth showing. It’s in no way finished. In fact, there are a couple of things that need to be hung on the wall. I had a successful trip to the thrift store and scored an awesome item that makes my heart happy. I’ll show it to you next week!

I managed to shop around my house to pick up most of the decor items and I’m still on the hunt for more as I try to set the tone for the room. Setting the tone has been the hardest. My decorating style has changed, and while I have a ton of items that don’t represent my new style, I can’t see getting rid of everything at once. It’s practically brand new! So, I’m trying to blend them both until we can make the full switch. Lucky for you, I’ll keep you updated on my decor ramblings. 🙂

So there it is! What do you think?

More projects are coming it’s way!

Hands On: The Kitchen

The creative juices weren’t flowing as easily today. This post was almost named “The Grabby Kitchen”. But instead, I decided to go with something a little less grabbing and a bit more confusing. Ha!

Really, you have no idea what I’m about to discuss. Could it be cooking? A new tutorial? A new kitchen tool review? No. No. And No.

We’re talking about the kitchen knobs and handles. It’s equally as exciting as any of those other topics, probably more so.  Up until a few days ago, every time I went to open our cabinet drawers I would pinch my finger, break my stubby nails, or do damage to our cabinet finish. All compliments of our soft close drawers (which are truly fantastic).

The bonus of our knobs? They look wonderful. It completely changed the look of the kitchen and it quickly went from slightly drab to super fab. Everything ties together!

It’s the perfect “pop” against our dark cabinetry and goes beautifully with our stainless steel appliances.

Here’s the before:

And after again:

Big difference, right?

I’m on the hunt for pretty accessories, rugs and hand towels. The kitchen is definitely in need of a little personality!

Have a great one!

Kitchen Progress= Major Love

Hey there!

Long time no talk! It’s my fault, I know. Let’s just say that I’ve been busy.

First we unpacked. Then we washed… everything. Then we put it away.

I’m still on the, “putting it away part”, but have made some serious progress. The kitchen was my first priority and I was so relieved that nothing was broken during our move. (Big hugs to our amazing family that helped us move. I didn’t find a single item that was broken!) And, believe it or not, all of my kitchen/ entertaining items fit inside the kitchen. With room to spare! My family reading this can understand my excitement. I have a lot of things kitchen…

After hugging every item that I unpacked, I quickly turned my attention to our lovely appliances. They have completely stole my heart.

See for yourself:

I am obsessed with the refrigerator. I walk by just to open it.

We also added a center island, which gives us extra counter and prep space, as well as a home for my cookbooks.

The hubby and I have been busy every day with projects. He so graciously installed all of our door knobs, which I will show you a bit later, as well as some “in progress” pictures. Oh Boy!

We’re Moving In!

It’s finally here my sweet friends. We’re moving in! It’s rather exciting!!

I know that I have much to fill you in on…. like the 4 solid days of painting doors, trim, touch ups, you name it and we’ve painted it! Or the appliances that are completely installed and look amazing. Or the extensive cleaning and picking up that I had to do to get ready to move in. But seriously, I found an entire kitchen drawer filled with nails, screws, installation instructions, pens, sharpies, rubber bands, etc. It’s like the workers already deemed that drawer “the junk drawer”. I couldn’t empty it fast enough!

I’ll be back to the normal schedule here soon, complete with some “in progress” photos!

Oh Happy Day!