The Laundry Room Saga…

The laundry room…. sigh…. one of the only rooms that did not turn out the way I had hoped. We’ve only lived in our new house for about 6 months, but for 6 months I have hated the way the laundry room turned out.

We were in such a rush to move into our house, that the builders got a bit sloppy with it… at the time I was just OVER the construction process and I wanted to move in desperately. So, I did what any desperate person would do, and I overlooked the glaringly obvious problems that were getting left behind.

Fast forward 6 months from move-in day, and I am irritated.

I should have made the builders re-do their mistakes. I should have made them pay more attention to the final details. And I shouldn’t have been SO EASY! I know what my thought process was at the time, so I can’t be too hard on myself but, darn it, it’s just not what I wanted.

However, I’m trying to look on the bright side by thinking that I wouldn’t have come up with my new solution, had everything been done right the first time. See how positive I am??

I’m going to show you why I’m so frustrated with the way the laundry room turned out. You’ll see…

Reason # 1:

They were suppose to build out the wall so that the upper cabinets looked built in. You were never intended to see behind them, or the bottom of the cabinet…. See the problem?

Reason # 2:

They didn’t do the tile correctly on top of the pedestal. See that lovely gap of thin set? You’re not suppose to see that.

Reason # 3:

This directly correlates with reason number 2. The grout has completely fallen out in spots on the face of the pedestal. They were instructed to use bullnose tile on the face so that it tied in with the top for a nice rounded edge. That didn’t happen. Obviously. And because it didn’t, every time I pull laundry out of the dryer my leg hits the grout and it falls out….. sigh….

Because I’ve been agonizing over this room since we’ve moved in, I’ve had plenty of time to device a plan of attack. And, luckily, it shouldn’t be too expensive.

Here’s the plan:

-To fix problem # 1 we are going to install plank paneling under the bottom of the cabinets and along the sides of the washer and dryer. This should hide the back and top of the wall that you can see with reason #1. Everything should look built in and finished.

-For problem # 2, since we will be installing plank paneling with quarter round on the bottom, this should hide the large gap on the side of the dryer.

-To fix problem # 3 we will install plank paneling on the left wall when you walk in the laundry room, carrying it across the face of the pedestal to cover the exposed chipping grout line.  Plus, it will give this wall a seamless look since the inside will be finished in plank panels as well.

After that, we plan on installing the cabinet hardware (which we’ve had for 6 months…), possibly repaint the walls… and make wood boxes to go under the pedestal. Add in a rug, some curtains, wall hangings and accessories, and we’ll have a finished laundry room… One that I won’t hate anymore!

Here’s some images that I’ve gathered for inspiration:



No Source Found- Sorry!




So there’s the plan! Hopefully we’ll get started soon! Since the hubby is so busy with farming during the summer, we have to squeeze all of these “bigger” projects into the winter months.

Let’s do it!


A Painted Front Door

Who here loves a painted front door? ME!

I must say that our original white door looked fine, it just wasn’t enough of a statement and not the type of entrance that I had imagined.

So, I went in search for the perfect paint color. I wanted something that would give visitors a welcoming vibe, but still look classy with our black rock.

We love how it turned out!

But just so you remember, here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

We painted the front door Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect pop against the black rock.

There’s still a ton to do with the front porch, but it’s looking so much better. Obviously my white pots are empty…. I’m on the hunt for some flowers. A new wreath is in order and house numbers are coming soon. It all takes time.

And just because we all love before and after shots, here you go:

There you go! I hope you like it as much as we do!

Kitchen Progress= Major Love

Hey there!

Long time no talk! It’s my fault, I know. Let’s just say that I’ve been busy.

First we unpacked. Then we washed… everything. Then we put it away.

I’m still on the, “putting it away part”, but have made some serious progress. The kitchen was my first priority and I was so relieved that nothing was broken during our move. (Big hugs to our amazing family that helped us move. I didn’t find a single item that was broken!) And, believe it or not, all of my kitchen/ entertaining items fit inside the kitchen. With room to spare! My family reading this can understand my excitement. I have a lot of things kitchen…

After hugging every item that I unpacked, I quickly turned my attention to our lovely appliances. They have completely stole my heart.

See for yourself:

I am obsessed with the refrigerator. I walk by just to open it.

We also added a center island, which gives us extra counter and prep space, as well as a home for my cookbooks.

The hubby and I have been busy every day with projects. He so graciously installed all of our door knobs, which I will show you a bit later, as well as some “in progress” pictures. Oh Boy!

We’re Moving In!

It’s finally here my sweet friends. We’re moving in! It’s rather exciting!!

I know that I have much to fill you in on…. like the 4 solid days of painting doors, trim, touch ups, you name it and we’ve painted it! Or the appliances that are completely installed and look amazing. Or the extensive cleaning and picking up that I had to do to get ready to move in. But seriously, I found an entire kitchen drawer filled with nails, screws, installation instructions, pens, sharpies, rubber bands, etc. It’s like the workers already deemed that drawer “the junk drawer”. I couldn’t empty it fast enough!

I’ll be back to the normal schedule here soon, complete with some “in progress” photos!

Oh Happy Day!

House Update: Laundry Room

Happy Friday!

The laundry room has captured my attention lately. It could be because I haven’t used my own washer and dryer in over a year, and they were basically were brand spankin’ new when they went into storage. You may not be able to believe it, but I’ve missed them.

Here’s a little surprise about me…. I really like laundry. Don’t pass out. Are we good? Great.

There’s something about the smell of freshly laundered clothes and bedding. Especially bedding. It’s pretty much magical.

Much like the rest of the house, I’ve put a lot of time and energy into this room. While I wasn’t able to get everything that I wanted in the space, I did get most of it. Because I wanted something that put off the vibe of clean and fresh, I went with white cabinetry and a pretty blue green color. It rocks my world. Different lighting throughout the day gives it a totally different look. And the white cabinets are the cherry on top!

See for yourself.

There are still a lot of touch ups to do… And the floors and pedestal had just been grouted, so don’t mind the streaks.

We’re still missing a cabinet on top of the pantry and a board on the bottom of the cabinets above the washer and dryer. The storage in this laundry room will pack a major punch. Sure, I’ll have to have a step stool, but I’m totally fine with it. Storage is completely worth it. The space below the pedestal will be used to store laundry baskets, or just baskets, I’m not really sure yet. All I can say is that this little room will be simply amazing with all of the final touches.

And, I must say, I will definitely get my feel of laundry here soon… Everything in storage is getting a fresh wash before it finds it’s final place to call home.

What about you? Do you secretly love laundry? Come on, it’ll be our little secret!

House Update: Master Bedroom & Bathroom


It’s all about the master suite today! The bedroom and bathroom are turning out simply amazing, it’s kind of surreal to see it happen. I know I say it all the time, probably more than it bears repeating, but it’s incredible to see a vision come to life.

It seems like yesterday we were buying the jetted tub and toilets…. We’ve come a very long way!

Notice the painted window ledges… now all we’re missing is the ceiling fan!

I picked up the bathroom mirrors at Ross for a complete steal. The only problem is that they’re black… it’s a little bit too dark for me, so they’re getting a fresh coat of white paint very soon.

The tile is completely finished, including grout. It’s dreamy.

We love it! It’s turned our fabulous. There are just a few minor things left to do. Like installing the mirrors, towel racks, major cleaning, etc. I’ll be sure to keep you posted and I can’t wait to show you the final reveal!!

We’re so close!! And yes, we’re still planning on moving in this weekend. Which is basically 2 (TWO) days away! Sweetness!

House Update: Kitchen Cabinetry & Countertops!

The kitchen. This could be one of my favorite rooms to talk about. And this was most definitely the room that I spent most of my time on. All that time surfing the internet and sifting through hundreds of inspirational pictures has completely paid off and I am swooning over our kitchen.

Let’s begin with the cabinets. It was really the first item that we had to pick to set the tone that we were going for. I must admit that I really like kitchens with white cabinetry. My husband on the other hand, really doesn’t. At all. He likes wood grain, and I can’t blame him. So, we went dark. Totally opposite, I know, but we are in love with the final results! In fact, I can’t imagine it looking any other way.

Take a look for yourself.

Check out the mantle. Love. The cook top sits right below the mantle, and the pot filler right above that.

Sneak peak at lighting! More to come on that soon!

This wall… it’s simply amazing and this picture doesn’t do it justice. The refrigerator goes on the left. Microwave in the middle and the double ovens on the right. We’re still waiting on the top cabinet doors, which are glass. Love.

The view from our mudroom entrance. The sink goes in the corner and the dishwasher goes to the left of the sink.

Counter top & island view.

A picture from a while back, but look at those spick racks! It makes me so excited to think about organizing my spices. In the past I’ve always had to dedicate one cabinet to all things spice and baking. To be able to spread out the spices and actually read the labels clearly is a dream. The storage in these little pull out cabinets is simply amazing. I’ll have to buy more spices. 🙂

Side view for a little perspective. The top of the cabinets are missing the crown molding, which  completely sets them off.

A few of my “must have” favorite features include: the spice pullouts, glass doors on the top cabinets of the built in wall, built in trash can pullout, drawers below the cook top, soft close drawers and pullout bottom cabinets.

A while back we scored a serious deal on an awesome island. It’s cream with a butcher block top and looks like a piece of furniture. We can’t wait to get it in place.  I also just finished buying all of the cabinet knobs and pulls. They’ll really dress up the cabinets and give them the finishing touch.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to fill these cabinets. I’ve already started planning which cabinets are going to hold what. Problem is, I can’t remember everything that I have. It’s truly going to be like Christmas when we unpack.

Exciting news: rumor has it that we could be moving in this coming weekend. I’m not sure if I should hold my breath…. but I’d sure like too!

House Update: Tile, Carpet & More!

I heart flooring. And doors. And trim. It really makes all the difference in the world. I’m a firm believer that it’s all in the details and that they make the biggest impact. It’s amazing to see all of our decisions and choices come together. And better yet, to see our completion date get closer and closer. It’s long overdo and we are beyond ready!

Here’s where I left you last:

But, now we have our flooring installed! And we completely love it!

I talked about painting before, and just happened to forget a dining room shot. Here you go! I love the color. It’s completely fabulous and I can’t wait to see how it looks with our furnishings and accessories. Love.

Anyways, back to the wood flooring, We love it. It’s such a warm color and it looks amazing with the cabinets, which I’ll show you later….

We’ve also had the trim, doors, knobs and some lighting  installed. I have a date with my paint brush again this weekend. Our doors need some love.

The guys have also made some serious progress with our tile. They’re basically finished, but we ran out of tile, so we’ve been playing the waiting game for it to arrive. Tomorrow it should be all finished, including grouting.

Here’s what we’ve got:

Carpet was installed Tuesday and we love it!

The bedrooms are basically done. All that’s left is the lighting and window ledges. Yes!

So, here’s to a week with some serious progress! We are thisclose my friends!

Have a terrific weekend!

House Update: Garage Door

Who knew that someone could love a garage door as much as I love ours? I certainly wouldn’t have thought I would ever actually stand in front of a garage door and proclaim my love for it. But, that actually happened. In private. (Without contractors.)

First, let me say that I typically think garage doors are blah. They lack personality and character and I generally don’t like the window design on the door. I’m weird.

In fact, I dislike garage doors so much, that I didn’t want to see it on the front of my house. Again, I’m weird.

So when I say that I really love our garage door, it’s deep.

My inspiration started with these beauties:


I loved everything about the doors. The hardware. The design. The plain glass windows. The craftsman look. The lighting. It’s all great.

So why not mimic the look? We went for it!

Here’s our version:

I decided to add the additional hardware and I’m so glad that I did. It completely dresses up the door. I can’t wait to add flower pots on each side too.

Here’s a little close up detail and a sneak peak at our outdoor lighting! Love.

Because the original door that I liked was out of our price range, I picked one with similar detail and design for a much cheaper price.

We are totally diggin’ it!

What’s your take on garage doors? Do they bother you too, or is it just me?

House Update: Stucco & Rock

Hey there!

It’s all about Stucco and Rock today. The exterior of the house is finished and looks incredible. Sure, there were several bumps along the way and a few times I thought that I might lose it. But…. every single strand of hair that was pulled from my head was worth it. 🙂

I was thrilled to see the stucco guys progress quickly… In fact they were basically done by the time I spotted the major, IT HAS TO BE FIXED, problem.

So there I was, all giddy and tired from my week long painting excursion, when I decided to take a trip around the house at the end of a long day. Everything had been going smoothly, but I figured I’d double check the days progress. Call me a smart lady!

All was looking great. Okay, sure, a few minor flaws here and there, but those were completely fixable. Then I turned the corner on the last wall of the house… And I went straight into panic mode.

Call me dramatic. I can handle it. But when you’re paying someone to do something exactly how you want it and it turns out completely wrong, I think you can be dramatic.

And the cherry on top: they no speak a english. And I no speak a spanish.

Let’s back up. Here’s where it’s all so right.

Step Two: Add Color.

Step 3: Add Texture…And insert problem # 1.

This wall has been textured. Sure, I know it totally looks fine from this picture. But, lets take a closer look.

It’s a problem.

1. This isn’t what we wanted, AT ALL. 2. It’s way too heavy. Yucky. 3. It will collect dirt, bugs, spider webs, etc.

At this point I politely asked the worker if this was the “finished” product. Because of his lack of English I first had to describe the meaning of finished. Like: done and finito. Then, I threw in: “no bueno” and “me no likey”. Very technical.

The, “No Bueno”, seemed to do the trick because he even repeated it with a confused look on his face.

Finally, some communication. That we both understood.

I told him to stop the other workers, which quickly brought us back to zero communication. At this point I was over him and found each and every worker and told them all it was “no bueno”.

Those two words can do powerful things people. Like stop a whole crew from messing up the rest of my house.

The leader of the crew tried to speak his partial English, and by partial I mean partial, to describe the texture of the house. Finally, he called his English speaking boss. Finally!

I kindly told her that I didn’t like the texture and that I figured at this point it was permanent because it was dry.  She said she would come the next morning to make a plan.

Perfect. I like plans.

The next morning I met the owner. She assured me it was no big deal; that they would skim that wall and the other partial wall with a new coat of mud and would finish the house in the texture I wanted. Which, by the way, I never picked in the first place. I figured they would, you know, ask me what I wanted before they, you know, put it on the wall.

I tried to explain the texture that I was after, which wasn’t working since I know zero about stucco. So, I did the next best thing and showed her what I wanted, which was on another house nearby.

Now that we had the correct texture, the owner asked her workers to provide me with a sample.

Insert problem # 2.

Because of the switch in texture, the make-up of the mixture had a different base, which didn’t combine well with the color that I had chosen.

Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. It’s a stock color. We should be able to get that color with any texture we pick.

10 samples later and we had this:

In this picture we hadn’t done the other 6 samples. Basically, the entire left wall was covered in different colors.

The scary part: they were all suppose to be the same color. Can you believe someone would try and pass that white color of for a tan/ cream. It’s crazy.

We almost thought there wasn’t going to be a cream/ tan color. I was real sad. We picked that rock for that color. They were meant to go together.

But then, the light bulb went off in the head. What if, what if, we took the regular paint formula and just mixed it in the new material rather than taking the suppose to be same paint formula and adding it into the new material? The very first color mix was right, but from there it was all wrong. We saw white, pink, yellow, gray and peach.

But you know what? That little light bulb was on to something.

We had the workers mix the original paint formula into the new material. They slathered it on the wall and… IT WORKED!

What a relief. I can’t even tell you how much I was worried about having to “settle” for our stucco texture and color. Really, who wants to pay for siding and then hate it every day because it turned our wrong?

Here’s what it looks like finished:

And here’s a close up of the stucco texture before and after:

It looks so much better! What a relief.

So, there you have it. The stucco and rock is officially done and we love it. It turned out exactly how we wanted it.

What about you? Have you had any siding disasters? Or wanted to pull all your hair out because you wanted something a certain way? It happens to the best of us!