Stick & Twig Welcome Banner

Here we are again with another stick and twig project! The best part? It was completely FREE! Score!

Over the past month I’ve been working on several projects to try and spruce up our entryway and front porch. It’s been so fun, especially since I’ve been bringing out my crafty and making all sorts of good stuff.

If you’ll remember, I started a new series this week:

(Just in case you missed Part 1 & Part 2)

Banners are everywhere. This is certainly not the first or last one you will ever see. But I might as well jump on the bandwagon since it’s something that I’ve always loved, just never done. However, I think the stick letters punch it up a level.

Again, it’s so very easy to create. I used the same tutorial as my fall saying for the letters.

The banner was equally easy.

Here’s what I did:

1. First I decided on the size for the actual banner.

2. Then I traced my original banner and made several copies.

3. Once all of my banner flags were cut, I began laying them out with jute rope to determine the length of the banner and the distance between each flag.

4. After I had the length I wanted, I began hot gluing the rope to the burlap flags.

5. Once the rope was glued to the burlap, I put a bead of hot glue on the outside edge and folded it over to cover the rope.

6. Flip your banner over, and put each letter on the appropriate flag. Just a suggestion, make sure you spell your word right… I may or may not be talking from experience. 😉

7. Once the letters were in place I hot glued them to the flags.

From there I simply hung it up on the trim piece of our front door with hot glue. So far, it’s holding up beautifully! Even with one major windstorm!

I can officially say that I’m done with our front porch. At least I think. 😉

The Welcome banner and “Happy Fall” pallet sign definitely punch up the front porch. And I still can’t believe that they were both FREE! Especially since they add such warmth to the space.

Big Smiles!

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Happy Fall- Stick Style & A New Series!

I’ve been thinking lately… I have all of these ideas for sticks. Seriously, I can’t get sticks out of my head.

Does that sound weird?

Maybe just a little….

Because of my new obsession, I’ve decided to create a little mini series: “Stick & Twigs- Fabulous & Free”!

Here goes the second idea with sticks & twigs as the main source of inspiration. (If you missed my first post, the stick star sure inspired me to create FREE things from nature.)

If a shape can be created, what about words? Brilliant!

Better yet, let’s create a saying!

Since fall makes me happy, it was pretty easy to decide on the words: Happy Fall.

So simple! But such a huge impact to the once plain jane pallet.

Here’s what you do:

1. Collect sticks.

2. On a piece of cardboard, draw the letters in the size and shape you want.

3. Begin breaking the sticks into pieces to form the letter.

4. Hot glue the pieces together.

5. Continue with the rest of the letters.

6. Add letters/ saying to blank surface, in my case a pallet.

7. Just hot glue the letters and enjoy!

Simple, simple!

These stick projects are sure making me love life. Especially when they’re free!

I hope your not sick of our front porch yet… I have at least one more project to show you. And yes, it involves sticks. 😉

Big Smiles!

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Decorating with Corn Stalks- Front Porch Style

Welcome October! Can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner? Which means that Thanksgiving is right down the street and Christmas is at the end of the block. Seriously! Where has this year gone?


I couldn’t help but think about Thanksgiving while I was adding corn stalks to our front porch. I’m looking forward to the Holiday’s this year (not that I don’t normally) because of our new home. I get excited thinking about it! And the corn stalks only add to it!

After all, a new home means new and exciting ways to decorate! And THAT is exciting!

It’s so very fall! And the perfect addition to our pumpkins!

Every time I drive up to our house, or walk out our front door, I get the warm and fuzzies inside. Who knew corn stalks could have that much of an impact on me? They’re just so festive! 🙂

Does it make you excited for Thanksgiving too?

Our Fall Porch

I’m sure that you may have noticed, but It’s feeling very fall-ish. Especially around our abode. There’s just something about the corn and beans turning a lovely golden color while the cool breeze flows through the dried corn leaves. It’s just divine!

With all of that setting the mood, I couldn’t wait to get the front porch in on the action too.

I honestly didn’t know how the fall orange and yellow would look against our front door, but it’s just spectacular.

I still want to add some dried corn stalks, but they’re not quite ready yet. In the meantime, I’m completely loving our fall front porch!

Now it’s time to start on the inside!

Landscaping Love: Part 2

Here we are in part two of the sprinkler system/ lawn seeding series. Everything is going beautifully and we are thrilled to have a front and backyard! We’re happy with the dirt area for now, but can’t wait to start seeing some green grass shooting up. 🙂

We’re still missing the two other Blue Spruce trees for our berm, but they should be planted next week.

This weekend the hubby and I hit up a local nursery that had all their plants on sale… like 75% off. It was awesome! We picked up enough to do a whole section in our front yard and it looks so good, that I’m itching to go back and buy more! We also started on the walkway path from our garage to the front door. We got all excited about it and drove to our local Home Depot, only to find that they didn’t have what we needed to get started. Hopefully we’ll make progress on that this weekend! Here’s to hoping! 🙂

Pretty plants! More progress to come!

We inherited about 100 of these concrete pavers and we’re all about reusing them since they’re in perfect shape and match our house color.

Here’s a little action shot of the hubs seeding the backyard. It was an exciting moment. Amen.

We’ve made some serious progress and our exterior is looking SO much better.

Here’s the proof:



I love me some progress!

Landscaping Love: Part 1

I feel like I have a lot of posts that begin with “Part”. Perhaps that’s because we have so many projects going on, or so many different things to get done before something is considered complete. In a way, it’s a beautiful thing. It means that we’re making progress and I love progress.

Today’s topic is something that the hubby and I have REALLY wanted to get started. In every way, this is part of a new series.


It makes such a huge difference to a home and it’s something that we have ZERO of. Well, if you consider random rock landscaping then we have boat loads! Seriously.

The whole rock thing is a little annoying to us, because, well, we don’t have enough dirt to start a lawn. Which means we’ve hired someone to bring in 8 truck loads of dirt. It looks so much better around here!!! They’ve spread the dirt, with still more to come, and are getting ready to install sprinklers. We are beyond excited!

In just a few short weeks we could possibly have grass! WHAT??? My happy heart is singing!

Here’s what we’ve got:

Oh the joys of having dirt!

More dirt! You can see all our rocks in the background. That’s everywhere, which is why we’re to excited to see a yard forming!

It’s looking lovely! The rectangle area will be sprinklers and grass. Everything else is to be determined.

Now for the front:

The area on the left is more sprinklers and grass. The right side will be a berm with trees, bushes, flowers and rock. And maybe boulders. We haven’t gotten that far yet.

It may not look like much yet, but it’s a major improvement from what we had!

Here’s to grass!

A Painted Front Door

Who here loves a painted front door? ME!

I must say that our original white door looked fine, it just wasn’t enough of a statement and not the type of entrance that I had imagined.

So, I went in search for the perfect paint color. I wanted something that would give visitors a welcoming vibe, but still look classy with our black rock.

We love how it turned out!

But just so you remember, here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

We painted the front door Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect pop against the black rock.

There’s still a ton to do with the front porch, but it’s looking so much better. Obviously my white pots are empty…. I’m on the hunt for some flowers. A new wreath is in order and house numbers are coming soon. It all takes time.

And just because we all love before and after shots, here you go:

There you go! I hope you like it as much as we do!