Thankful Tree

Lately I’ve been focusing on our blessings… there are so many…. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I felt our home needed to have a daily display as a reminder for us to be continually thankful for each and every blessing that happens in our lives.

It’s an unbelievably pretty display, and one that catches my attention constantly.

I started with a tree limb from outside (much like this one), then pulled a plastic pot out of the garden shed and stuffed it with some green foam. From there I stuck the tree branch into the foam and wrapped the pot with burlap and tied it together with jute twine. Easy!

The next part was the most time consuming.

I knew there wasn’t anyway to hang all of our blessings on the tree… there aren’t enough branches! So, I chose several of them that easily came to mind.

From there, I typed them up in a word document, picked a pretty font and printed them on heavy card stock.

Next, I rummaged through my scrapbook paper stash and found a neutral pattern that was reversible. I actually ended up using the opposite side of the paper below, making the pattern below the back side.

This is everything I used:

I began by cutting each of our words into evenly spaced shapes.

Once all of the words were cut out, I started laying each one on the scapbook paper to form a border. Once I had an evenly spaced border on all four sides, I stuck a piece of double sided tape under the word and pressed the two together.

After I had all of the words done, I used a hole punch on the top of the paper (in the middle) and ran the just string through it. Once I had determined the string length, I simply tied the two ends together and hung them on the tree.


We just love the outcome!

This was such a simple project and something so very meaningful. Honestly, I love the way it looks in the house. I’m thinking about leaving it up for a while. After all, we could all use to be reminded of our blessing from time to time, right?

Try one in your home- you’ll love it!

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Fall Decor

I’ve been wanting to add a touch of fall to the dining room for a few weeks now. But, one way or another, something would come up and I wouldn’t get it done. Par for the course I guess, since I have ideas and projects everywhere.

While it is simple, I find that I rather like the look of simple and understated sometimes. I’ve been working on a slew of other projects, so simple and understated is best!

Since I have a corn field in my backyard, literally (check out the “Our Farm” page), I used that as my primary source for inspiration.

I found this lovely branch outside and thought it would look awesome inside… who says you can’t have a tree branch inside? I’m pretty much in love with it and the slight pop of orange and red it brings to the table.

Straight from the field and into a basket!

Nothing is more fall to me than corn, so I marched out into the field and started pulling corn off the stalks. Easy! I find it beautiful and very fitting. My husband was happy to have his crop on display too. 😉

For the golden centerpiece I just cut the tassle off of the corn stalk (the very top of the corn) and stuffed them into foam. Then I just covered the foam with fallen sticks from outside. I love how it adds a touch of rustic to the table and dining room.

Another fabulous thing: it’s all free. Everything I used was from the great outdoors or things I had lying around the house. That, my friends, makes me happy.

Big Smiles!

Striped O

I like stripes. But I’m pretty sure that you already know that…

With the entryway having stripes, I figured the mudroom should too.

No, I didn’t paint the walls with stripes. That would be way to difficult with all of the doors and angles. Trust me. I already thought about it.

A while back I was going through a few drawers and happened to find a wooden initial for our last name. An O to be exact. At first, my plan was to wrap it in yarn. I actually started wrapping it but I quickly got bored and frustrated with it and decided to skip the whole yarn wrapped letter thing.

Then I thought about covering it in burlap… but that’s just too much burlap (is that even possible?) in one area. Scratch that idea.

Next up was paint. Easy enough. So I dug out my trusty Heather Gray paint and gave it a couple of coats.

Better. But it was still missing something. Just call it plain. Randomly, stripes entered into my brain. So, without much thought, I went with it.

Rather than having evenly spaced stripes, I thought it would be cooler to do various widths.

Honestly, I just eye balled this whole thing. Would it be bad to say that I didn’t even think about getting the tape measure? I did grab the level though…

With it all taped off, I gave it 3 coats of leftover white paint.

With the paint still wet, I quickly pulled off the tape. And prayed paint hadn’t bled through my tape…

We’re good. No bleeding! Score!

Then, I just put it on the top of our mudroom ledge.

I can’t guarantee that it’s going to live in that exact spot, but I’m happy to start adding accessories to our mudroom. I still have several more projects up my sleeve!

Big Smiles!

October Month in Review

Happy November 1st! Was it just me, or did October fly by?

I’m doing something new today. I’m wrapping up October… in one post. Welcome to our first Month in Review.

I kicked off October by Decorating the front porch with corn stalks:

Then I revealed my Painted Secretary:

The Secretary Reveal launched us into a ton of Entryway Updates:

With that, I showed you several new tutorials. Like the DIY Skeleton Key Art:

And the DIY Stick & Twig Star:

After the star I showed you my Upholstered Thrift Store Chair:

And then moved into the kitchen with my White Kitchen Tray:

Then it was onto more fall decorating- Happy Fall: Stick Style:

With that, I started a new series and showed you my Fall Welcome Banner:

Next, it was all about the office with my Office Desk Organizer Makeover: (say that three times fast!)

And then off to the Free Mudroom Bench:

Followed by the Living Room Curtains:

After that I told you all about our Breakfast Nook Plans:


After sharing my plans & inspiration, it was back to the mudroom with our updated Burlap Frame:

And finally, I wrapped up the month revealing my Painted Sewing Machine Table:

Whew! What a month! That was a lot! I feel so accomplished. 😉

What was your favorite project? Do tell!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more!

Big Smiles!

Mudroom Burlap Frame

Hello Happy Friends!

Well, I finished another mudroom project. My checklist is dwindling and it feels awesome! Better yet, this little mudroom of ours is getting lots of much needed personality.

If you’ll remember, my last mudroom update was all about the FREE bench that I scored.

This project is no different in cost. We’ve had the frame for awhile and because I didn’t know what I wanted to put inside, it set with the stock photo’s. It totally lacked personality… one might have even given me a hard time for hanging it up with complete strangers staring at us every time we walked in the door to OUR own house… It was just one of those times where I was unsure what I wanted to do with it. So, naturally, I did nothing.

Enter in the lovely burlap, and inspiration finally struck me! Rather than pictures of us, why not letters?

And because I consider myself creatively cheap, I made letters out of cardboard I had on hand, rather than buying any needed supplies. So, you might have guess it, this project is also FREE!

Excuse me while I do my happy dance…………….dancing……………. twirling…………..dancing……………….. slipping…………….. falling…………….

Ok, I’m back.

The only thing that’s better than free, is how great it looks!

Seriously. Check it:

Awesome, right?

Easy peasy too!

All I did was trace my printed letters onto cardboard.

(Sorry for the picture quality, I was doing this project at night….)

After I traced my letters, I cut them out with a razor blade.

Cut my burlap to fit inside the 5 x 7 mat.

Painted my letters with leftover paint from my stripes and hot glued the letters to the burlap! So easy!

Honestly, I love how the burlap compliments the rug. They work perfectly together.

Here’s the before & after:

Ah, much better!

And, happily, we get to check another thing off the list.

1. Add storage bench below coat rack/ frame.

2. Upholster bench cushion or recover existing with fun fabric.

3. Add wire baskets for hats & things.

4. Add art/ pictures to coat rack frame.

5. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

6. Paint mudroom/ garage door.

7. Install non slip backing under current rug.

Yes, we’re quickly narrowing down the list. Awwww yaa!

Big Smiles!

Mudroom Bench

It’s been a while since I last talked about my desire to update our mudroom. It’s always seemed a little, well, blah. Honestly, with all of the other rooms calling for my attention, the mudroom has been one of my last concerns. But, boy, I’m ready to get a few wanted projects under my belt.

A mudroom bench was my biggest priority. Especially since we use the mudroom the most. It is, after all, connected to our garage and our main entrance into the house.

We needed a place to sit down and put on our shoes. We needed somewhere to set down a bag. Or a drop zone for the mail (temporarily).

I had been searching for a reasonably priced bench. I almost pulled the trigger on one once or twice. Something kept holding me back. Maybe it was the price or maybe it was because I’d rather spend that money on something else… who knows. I could also have a sixth sense and know that a free bench was coming my way.

Any one of those options works for me.

One day I stumbled upon this:

It was in rough shape. And dirty. Eww. But I could see the potential.

First, I gave it a few coats of white spray paint.

Then I started on the seat upholstery and followed the same steps as I did with my upholstered thrift store chair.

From there I attached the seat to the bench frame with a couple of screws and I was done!

Best part? It was FREE! No kidding. I spent money a while back on the fabric, but I’ve had it for about a year. With that sort of time frame I’m definitely going to call it free.

I’m happy to check that off the to do list.  Here’s what’s left:

1. Add storage bench below coat rack/ frame.

2. Upholster bench cushion or recover existing with fun fabric.

3. Add wire baskets for hats & things.

4. Add art/ pictures to coat rack frame.

5. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

6. Paint mudroom/ garage door.

7. Install non slip backing under current rug.

I just love checking things off of a list. It’s so empowering!

Big Smiles!

Stick & Twig Welcome Banner

Here we are again with another stick and twig project! The best part? It was completely FREE! Score!

Over the past month I’ve been working on several projects to try and spruce up our entryway and front porch. It’s been so fun, especially since I’ve been bringing out my crafty and making all sorts of good stuff.

If you’ll remember, I started a new series this week:

(Just in case you missed Part 1 & Part 2)

Banners are everywhere. This is certainly not the first or last one you will ever see. But I might as well jump on the bandwagon since it’s something that I’ve always loved, just never done. However, I think the stick letters punch it up a level.

Again, it’s so very easy to create. I used the same tutorial as my fall saying for the letters.

The banner was equally easy.

Here’s what I did:

1. First I decided on the size for the actual banner.

2. Then I traced my original banner and made several copies.

3. Once all of my banner flags were cut, I began laying them out with jute rope to determine the length of the banner and the distance between each flag.

4. After I had the length I wanted, I began hot gluing the rope to the burlap flags.

5. Once the rope was glued to the burlap, I put a bead of hot glue on the outside edge and folded it over to cover the rope.

6. Flip your banner over, and put each letter on the appropriate flag. Just a suggestion, make sure you spell your word right… I may or may not be talking from experience. 😉

7. Once the letters were in place I hot glued them to the flags.

From there I simply hung it up on the trim piece of our front door with hot glue. So far, it’s holding up beautifully! Even with one major windstorm!

I can officially say that I’m done with our front porch. At least I think. 😉

The Welcome banner and “Happy Fall” pallet sign definitely punch up the front porch. And I still can’t believe that they were both FREE! Especially since they add such warmth to the space.

Big Smiles!

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Happy Fall- Stick Style & A New Series!

I’ve been thinking lately… I have all of these ideas for sticks. Seriously, I can’t get sticks out of my head.

Does that sound weird?

Maybe just a little….

Because of my new obsession, I’ve decided to create a little mini series: “Stick & Twigs- Fabulous & Free”!

Here goes the second idea with sticks & twigs as the main source of inspiration. (If you missed my first post, the stick star sure inspired me to create FREE things from nature.)

If a shape can be created, what about words? Brilliant!

Better yet, let’s create a saying!

Since fall makes me happy, it was pretty easy to decide on the words: Happy Fall.

So simple! But such a huge impact to the once plain jane pallet.

Here’s what you do:

1. Collect sticks.

2. On a piece of cardboard, draw the letters in the size and shape you want.

3. Begin breaking the sticks into pieces to form the letter.

4. Hot glue the pieces together.

5. Continue with the rest of the letters.

6. Add letters/ saying to blank surface, in my case a pallet.

7. Just hot glue the letters and enjoy!

Simple, simple!

These stick projects are sure making me love life. Especially when they’re free!

I hope your not sick of our front porch yet… I have at least one more project to show you. And yes, it involves sticks. 😉

Big Smiles!

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