Upholstered Thrift Store Chair

You’ve already seen the “After” version of my lovely thrift store chair, but I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have fallen in love with it. What started out as a sad little chair ended up being one of my favorite things. Ever. 😉

Here’s it’s Cinderella story:

A while back I was browsing my local thrift store and I walked right into this:

It was really sad looking and practically begging for a makeover.

But the amount of potential was amazing. The shape. The legs. It had it going on!

Well, except for the color, bad paint job, horrible seat fabric and not to mention the fact that it was very wobbly. Nothing  a little TLC couldn’t fix, right? Because of it’s rough condition I was able to make a deal on it big time! $4.00… boo-ya!

In the car it went and I made my way home. My husband took one look at it, looked at me, then back to the chair and shook his head. He thinks I’m crazy, but he went ahead and sat in it… and wobble it did. Obviously it was going to need a little work.

With this being my first upholstery job, I was a bit hesitant about how I was going to reupholster the seat. But I found the best way to gain confidence was to start taking apart the current upholstery job.

By seeing how the original upholstery was done, I knew that I could replicate it on my own. Very easy!

Once I was down to the bare seat, I got busy working on the frame of the chair.

Because the chair had been repainted, and not very well at that, I gave the entire thing a heavy sanding and followed it with a hot soapy bath.

After that came a coat of primer.

My husband dropped in at this point and tightened all the loose screws and brackets and added a piece of wood to the bottom of the chair, between the two legs, for added support. Wobble be gone!

I gave the entire chair a couple coats of light gray spray paint and let it dry overnight.

The next day I was ready to tackle the upholstery.

I started with the foam for the seat.

For the seat, I simply took a piece of foam and traced the seat with a sharpie. Then I cut it out and used hot glue to attach it on the edges and corners.

I was hesitant using hot glue to attach the foam to the seat, but I figured that since I was going to be wrapping it with batting and fabric it would stay in place since the fabric would be wrapped tightly. Hopefully I’m right. 🙂

After the foam was glued to the seat, I started wrapping it with batting.

Using a staple gun, I pulled the batting tight and stapled it to the back of the seat.

After that was finished, I started with my fabric and used the same technique as the batting. I started wrapping the seat with fabric, pulling tight and stapling it to the back of the seat. It was much easier than I thought.

Before I knew it  the entire seat was covered.

And I was admiring the corners.

To attach it to the frame we used a few screws and placed them in the existing screw holes.

Just like that we had a finished chair!

These DIY projects are certainly becoming a favorite in our home! But why wouldn’t they when they turn out like this?

Big Smiles!


DIY Stick & Twig Star

A couple of my favorite additions to our entry way have been the skeleton key art and the stick & twig star. They were both so easy! And completely FREE!

I knew that I wanted the addition of a star in the space, but I didn’t want to spend any money on it. Bring on the creativity!

The first place I turned was to the great outdoors.

What’s more free than sticks and twigs? Ummm….. nothing! Ok, maybe rocks… but sticks were the much better option… Although now that I’m thinking about the whole rock star thing it could be pretty cool. Hmmm…. thinking… thinking…

Anyways, this is so very easy! No joke!

Here’s what you’ll need:


-Hot Glue

-Piece of Cardboard, or even a piece of paper…


-Jute String

Here’s your step by step tutorial:

-First: Pick a few good length sticks in a color & texture  that you like. Mine are willow and aspen.

-Second: With your pencil and cardboard draw a star in the size that you want.

-Third: Begin breaking your sticks into pieces based upon your star drawing and lay each stick on the line that it was broken for.

-Four: Hot glue the ends of each stick piece together until the star is completely formed and glued  together.

-Five: Tie a piece of Jute string around the top of the star. Hang.

Love that star!

How awesome would it be to hang a really large star from the front porch? Or what about little tiny ones on the Thanksgiving table or hanging from the Christmas table? Awesome!

These little projects have truly made a huge impact, which makes me happy that money doesn’t always buy the greatest things!

Big smiles!

Skeleton Key Art

One of the biggest impacts in our entry way has definitely been the skeleton key art. We love it!

And it was FREE! You heard me (or read me), FREE!

This entire project came about because my husband was rummaging through a box of his old keys. He pulled these out and I snatched them up as soon as they hit the counter. Such a treasure!

I already had the frame and the burlap, so I spent ZERO on this DIY project. Oh the sweetness of it.

It’s seriously one of the easiest things to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Picture Frame

-Cardboard (if your frame is missing the glass)

-Skeleton Keys (I used 3)

-Hot Glue Gun

-Super Glue



-Ruler or Tape Measure

First, pick a frame. Mine didn’t have a glass piece, so I used cardboard instead. An empty notebook back to be exact.

Cut off the top.

Then measure the cardboard to fit inside the frame. Be sure to leave extra room for the burlap.

Next, cover your cardboard (or glass) in burlap. To do this, line your top corner with the burlap and hot glue it to the cardboard. Continue along the top of the cardboard and then begin doing the same thing down the left side. Once the top and left sides are done, follow the same directions on the other side, pulling tight. The bottom should be the only part that’s not hot glued at this point. Pull the extra fabric tight in one corner on the bottom and glue the fabric to the cardboard. Continue along the bottom, pulling tight the entire way across.

Trim off extra burlap.

Put the cardboard piece in the frame.

Time for the skeleton keys! I decided to use 3. First I eyed the general layout of the keys and then measured to make sure the keys were centered in the frame at the top, bottom, sides and between each other. This will differ depending on your frame size.

Now you glue. Hot glue doesn’t work. It will only frustrate you… trust me. I pulled out the big gun: super glue!

I found it necessary to make a mark above each key so that I knew where to place them once I had glue on the backside. Because the super glue won’t dry quickly, you’ll have time to make sure the keys are properly spaced before you push them onto the burlap. I put a blob of glue in the middle of each key and pressed down, but this could vary depending on your key thickness and weight.

Don’t forget to push down on your keys to be sure that the glue is up close and personal with the burlap. They should be stuck tight.

Now you hang it.

Be proud! You just created an amazingly cheap piece of art!

Did I mention that we love it? Yes, we!

Big smiles!

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Entryway Updates

Oh Boy! I’ve been working on our entry way, trying to collect things here and there, but I’ve also been busy making a few things of my own! And I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s progressing!

It’s a rather happy feeling when your style comes alive. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought that our entryway has been making some seriously awesome progress, especially with the addition of our stripe wall, but that was just the base. It still needed the little extras that would take it to the next level. The things that would make it feel like ours.

I want our entryway, as well as every other room in our home, to reflect who we are as a couple and family. By doing that, our guests should get a welcoming and inviting feeling when they enter our home. After all, the entryway is your calling card to the world.

It all started with the stripe wall. It majorly changed the way that I looked at out entryway. All of a sudden I saw it in a different light. It brought new ideas, but most importantly, it brought change. It made me step outside of my current decor world, which was a safety net, and step into ideas that I’d been to afraid to try.

Sure, it won’t be everyone’s taste, but we love it. We live here, and if we like it, that’s all that matters.

The secretary, which has been handed down throughout my husbands family, recently had a makeover. It’s a huge part of our entry way, even though it’s kind of hidden from the main entry view. And the chair. Oh the chair. What a great thrift store find! It’s shape had me at hello and with paint and new upholstery it fits beautifully and even adds it’s own piece of flair!

It may just be me, but it seems the areas in our home have to “come together” over time. It feels natural to me. I like to collect and then edit what I’ve found.  Time and time again, I prove this to myself. Five months from now, I’ll probably be doing the exact same thing. It works for me. And it takes time. I have to be patient.

The skeleton key art is one of my DIY projects for this space. Tutorial is coming soon. I completely love it!

The stick star was another DIY project. It was so very easy. I’ll show you soon! I love the rustic vibe it gives the space.

I had leftover keys from my framed art and decided to hang them up. Perfection.

The white framed art was yet another DIY project, although it has been in the entry since we moved in. An update is in it’s future!

Is this space done? Definitely not. I still have my eye on a couple of DIY projects and we seriously need a new rug. I’ve looked everywhere, but haven’t been able to find anything I like in my price range.

In the meantime, I am head over heels loving our entryway! It’s such a happy feeling to walk into our home and know that this space reflects us! Big smiles!

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Secretary Reveal

It’s a happy day around here! Our secretary is finally finished and we love it!

I’m still amazed at the power of paint and how quickly it can transform! Seriously.

Here was the before:

And the after:

I’m in love with this piece of furniture! It was practically meant for this corner and now it owns it! We couldn’t be happier with the way that it turned out.

Because I wanted the smoothest finish possible, we sprayed painted the entire thing except for the back at the top. I hand painted that with Chelsea Gray. Looove it!

Everything pops against the dark color, which was exactly what I was going for.

After finally talking my husband into painting his family heirloom, I think we can both agree that the finished outcome is lovely.  It went from a piece of furniture that received little to no use or attention, to a desk that is already getting used and admired! What could be better than that?

Here’s a side by side for comparison:

Yowza! Me likey the After! 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the rest of the entryway and a whole bunch of changes!

Big smiles!

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Our Stripes… And A Tutorial

A while back I announced my undying love for stripes. I just couldn’t get them out of my head! I had to have my own!

This past weekend I set out to do just that! One way or another we were going to have stripes…

Only one problem though: I’m not the best paint taper ever… no matter what I do or how hard I try, the paint bleeds underneath the tape leaving horrid blotches everywhere. And yes, I use the good painters tape.

Needless to say, I was worried that we would go to all that work and have a blotchy wall that would need a ton of touching up or repainted. So, I begged my very busy farming husband to tape the walls for me. He agreed, somewhat grudgingly. 🙂 But they turned out perfect!

Here’s what we did:

– First, I measured the wall to determine the stripe width. For example: Our wall is 104 inches tall. I originally planned on doing 10 inch stripes, but after I measured I found that I would have a much larger stripe on the bottom. I knew that it would drive me crazy, as well as Anthony, so I kept calculating until I found an even number.

We ended up with 8 inch stripes, since it went into 104 inches evenly. 104″ / 8= 13.

– Next, I began marking the walls. With a tape measure and pencil I started at the ceiling and measured down 8 inches all the way around our entry way. After the entire wall was marked with the first 8 inches down, I measured down  from my new mark another 8 inches. I did the same thing until I reached the bottom of the wall. Make sense?

-After marking the wall, it was time to level and tape. Rather than using a pencil and connecting all my marks, we used the level to make sure my marks were level. From there we taped over our marks, checking to make sure it was level as we went along. This step is a little long, but completely important!

-While my hubby was busy taping lines, I took my Ikea rewards card (it was the first card I grabbed from my wallet) and went to town on the tape. My goal was to prevent any paint bleeding. With the card, I went over every single tape line, making sure the tape was stuck to the wall and inside the texture grooves as well.

-After all the walls were taped off and I was finished running the card over everything, I took the main color of our wall and went over the tape in all of the striped areas. I wanted to be sure and extra sure that the paint wouldn’t bleed under the tape. By painting over the tape in the areas that we wanted to have stripes, I knew that the main wall color would get into any nooks and crevices and that it would also seal the tape. After I was done, I waited for the base color to dry.

-Once the base coat was dry, I started painted the stripes. It took three coats to get the right coverage. I was hustlin’! The key is to pull the tape off when the last coat is still wet! Right after I finished with the last coat, we were pulling the tape off.

I can’t even describe my moment of pure glee when we pulled the tape back to revel perfectly crisp lines!

-Finally, step back and ENJOY your results!

I am completely IN LOVE with our stripes. They have COMPLETELY changed the look and feel of our entryway. For real. It’s a defined space now, rather than an extension of our living room.

Here’s our before and after:

Major love!

As is true with many home projects, this has caused a ripple effect and I have a ton of ideas and projects for our entry way. There’s certainly more to come!

Painting these stripes has easily become one of my favorite DIY projects to date! Love that!

Big smiles! And happy Friday to you!

Crazy For Stripes….

I’ve recently decided that our entry way is lacking a little personality. And I’ve always liked the look of stripes, but lately I’ve been a little nutty over them. Every time I see them in a room, I get excited.

But, I’m picky about my stripes… I don’t want anything hugely bold, but rather soft and subtle.

These rooms have my heart racing!





Oh boy. I love me some stripes. They’re practically perfect!

I can’t wait to get them painted in our entryway. We already have the base color and now it’s just choosing the perfect “stripe” color, which I think is handled!

Seems like it could be a great weekend project! I. Can’t. Wait!

Landscaping Love: Part 1

I feel like I have a lot of posts that begin with “Part”. Perhaps that’s because we have so many projects going on, or so many different things to get done before something is considered complete. In a way, it’s a beautiful thing. It means that we’re making progress and I love progress.

Today’s topic is something that the hubby and I have REALLY wanted to get started. In every way, this is part of a new series.


It makes such a huge difference to a home and it’s something that we have ZERO of. Well, if you consider random rock landscaping then we have boat loads! Seriously.

The whole rock thing is a little annoying to us, because, well, we don’t have enough dirt to start a lawn. Which means we’ve hired someone to bring in 8 truck loads of dirt. It looks so much better around here!!! They’ve spread the dirt, with still more to come, and are getting ready to install sprinklers. We are beyond excited!

In just a few short weeks we could possibly have grass! WHAT??? My happy heart is singing!

Here’s what we’ve got:

Oh the joys of having dirt!

More dirt! You can see all our rocks in the background. That’s everywhere, which is why we’re to excited to see a yard forming!

It’s looking lovely! The rectangle area will be sprinklers and grass. Everything else is to be determined.

Now for the front:

The area on the left is more sprinklers and grass. The right side will be a berm with trees, bushes, flowers and rock. And maybe boulders. We haven’t gotten that far yet.

It may not look like much yet, but it’s a major improvement from what we had!

Here’s to grass!

Our Entryway

This past weekend was chock full of home goodness. We worked on projects, we hung pictures and we organized. It was wonderful.

I had a chance to purge through all of my old decorating items and managed to fill an entire box designated to Goodwill. My style has changed a bit and I tried to re-purpose as much as possible. Spray paint was my BFF!

I managed to throw together our entry way, which turned out quite lovely and cheerful. Two of my favorite things!

But before I show it to you, do you remember this:

I had talked about it before here.

I loved it’s shape, style and mostly it’s price tag. At $15.00,  I knew it had to be mine! After several coats of white spray paint (seriously, look at all those nooks and crannies) I ended up with a mirror that I instantly loved.

Here’s how it turned it:

(Dining Room Sneak Peak!)

Not to bad for shopping my own house, eh? I love the happy greeting it gives to our visitors!

There are still things that I’d like to add and change, but I am completely sweet on the combination of colors and textures! The frame just happens to go perfectly with the mirror, setting it off. I love it when that happens!

I’ll have more later this week. Plus some “In Progress” pictures! Stay tuned!

Have a terrific day my friends!

House Update: New Front Door

I’m back with a great update! Our front door has been installed. Sorry for the delay, the builders were busy finishing up a few other projects and helping the Geo-Thermal fella’s start their install! Yes!

Back to the front door, I just gotta show it some love. It’s real pretty. Super pretty. I’m loving it!

See it! Want a closer view? Ok! Happy to oblige!

Here’s an even closer view. And you didn’t even have to ask!

I love all of the details in the glass. It looks frosty! And the design, well, it makes me swoon! It’s such a welcoming greeting!

I still have to pick out the door knob. Hopefully we’ll make the purchase this weekend.

In other news, we’ve picked where the exterior lights will go, as well as the rock color and placement. We also have some super huge trenches for the Geo Thermal lines!

Take a look at these suckers!

They take up our backyard. It’s a big deal. Literally. And yes, pun intended! Ha!