Fall Decor

I’ve been wanting to add a touch of fall to the dining room for a few weeks now. But, one way or another, something would come up and I wouldn’t get it done. Par for the course I guess, since I have ideas and projects everywhere.

While it is simple, I find that I rather like the look of simple and understated sometimes. I’ve been working on a slew of other projects, so simple and understated is best!

Since I have a corn field in my backyard, literally (check out the “Our Farm” page), I used that as my primary source for inspiration.

I found this lovely branch outside and thought it would look awesome inside… who says you can’t have a tree branch inside? I’m pretty much in love with it and the slight pop of orange and red it brings to the table.

Straight from the field and into a basket!

Nothing is more fall to me than corn, so I marched out into the field and started pulling corn off the stalks. Easy! I find it beautiful and very fitting. My husband was happy to have his crop on display too. 😉

For the golden centerpiece I just cut the tassle off of the corn stalk (the very top of the corn) and stuffed them into foam. Then I just covered the foam with fallen sticks from outside. I love how it adds a touch of rustic to the table and dining room.

Another fabulous thing: it’s all free. Everything I used was from the great outdoors or things I had lying around the house. That, my friends, makes me happy.

Big Smiles!


Our Dining Room

Happy Monday!

I know that I’ve been telling you I would show you the interior of our home. And I’m sure that you’ve quit believing me by now. The thing is, I keep changing it up. But I can’t keep waiting around to show you. So, this is our dining room. As it sits, right now.

Do I already have plans for this room? Changes to make? Art to ad? Accessories to buy? YOU BET! Let’s also add curtains and a rug to the list. Then MAYBE, just maybe, this room will be complete.

So, what do you think? For just shopping our house, it’s turned out lovely.

Dining Room Inspiration

I’ve never had a formal dining room before. Sure, I’ve had the type of eating area that’s connected to the kitchen, but never a formal dining room. It’s always been something that I’ve wanted. Just the idea of having a formal dining room excites me. My husband thinks I’m weird, but I think it’s cool to have a specific room to gather and enjoy memorable times with food and family. When we were picking out our floor plan I was adamant on having a formal dining room. He wanted to turn the space into another bedroom or an office. I wasn’t sold on the idea. I mean, the space practically begged to be a dining room. Why my hubby couldn’t see that I’ll never know.

Lately I’ve been in the “Dining Room” mood. In all honesty I don’t have a clue what that means either. I just happen to love spending time in the space. It’s like it wants to get to know me. To feel me out. To make sure I’m worthy or something. I’m rather sweet on it too. And when you’re sweet on something you want to show it a little TLC. Dining rooms included. So, I created an inspiration board with all of my jumbled thoughts in one organized place. Am I positive that I will use all the items on my “board”? Heck to the no. I like everything that’s included (obviously, cause I picked it) but I just don’t know if that’s how she will want to look yet. We’re still getting acquainted. I could find something that I like better. But I had to have some sort of finished image in my head.

So far, this is what I have come up with.

I’ve already started gathering up a few of the items. The dining room table, chairs and sideboard are still waiting for me to buy them. Honestly, I would have bought them months ago, but our garage turned storage unit is filled to the brim of all of our other stuff. There’s simply no room for anything else. I’ve now reverted to praying that these items are still available when we’re ready to make the purchase. I have to ask myself if I’m feeling lucky?

Because today is dedicated to all things dining room, here are a few of my favorite inspirational pictures. They practically make my dining room lovin’ heart sing.





See what I mean? They’re just pretty. And oh so motivating! I could stare at pictures like this for hours. All of the small details really make a huge impact.

I’m also running into a problem… it’s called “I can’t remember all of our belongings because they’ve been in a box for 9 months”. It’s kind of putting a damper on my creativity. Unpacking really will be like Christmas morning as a child, but probably cooler. If you can even image that.

See below for the source list details on my inspiration board.

-Dining Room light: Home Depot

-Dining Room Table- American Furniture Warehouse

-Sideboard: American Furniture Warehouse

-Wicker Chairs: Pottery Barn

-Drapes: Ballard Designs

-Rug: Ikea

-Wall Sconces: Ikea

-Silver Leaf Lamp: DIY from Goodwill Lamp (tutorial coming) Image from Centsational Girl

-Glass Cloche: Can’t remember… My bad!

-Fabric: Habitat by Michele D’Amore

I can’t wait to see how this room comes together. I’m sure it will be better than I could have ever imagined!