Easy Christmas Craft- DIY Frosted Trees


First off, thank you all for your kind and happy comments about our Christmas shelves. We love them too! πŸ˜‰

Today, I’m showing you how I made my super easy and super cheap Frosted Twig Trees. (Say that three times fast!)


Like I mentioned in my original post, I really didn’t want to spend any money on decorations this year. So, l did what I normally do, and went outside to see what I could find.

Because we have about 5 trees that shed like crazy, my first thought was to use the sticks and twigs for something. I gathered up as many as I could find, which ended up being a large amount.

Once I brought them inside I figured they would look pretty awesome is they were “frosted”. Ding! The light bulb went off and I envisioned trees.

What a good little light bulb it was! πŸ˜‰

For this project you will need:

-Lots of sticks in about the same size length

– Hot glue gun & glue sticks

– Snow spray, white spray paint would work, but I wanted a little “rougher” texture

– White glitter

– Spray adhesive

Step One:

Grab four sticks that are the same length. Take two of them and hold the top of the sticks (which will be the top of your tree) together. Spread them apart at the bottom (with your fingers holding the top of the sticks together) to form one side of the tree. With your free hand, grab the hot glue gun and drop some hot glue on one of the sticks at the top. Stick the two sticks together. While the hot glue is still wet, spread the bottom of the two sticks as far apart as you want the base of the tree to be.

Step two:

With the top of the two sticks attached with hot glue, break a stick so that it fits snugly in between the bottom of the two sticks. Hot glue it in place. I used this as a brace to hold the sticks together at the bottom. See the picture below.


Step three:

Now, hot glue the other two sticks at the top, placing them on the opposite sides, like the picture below. Be sure to spread them apart at the bottom, giving the tree its form.


Step four:

Grab several of your sticks and start hot gluing them to the form of your tree. Be sure to hot glue in between some of the sticks, as well as gluing the top. You don’t want your tree to fall apart!



To give the tree some dimension, I decided to leave some areas open. And because not all of my sticks were long enough, I glued some shorter ones to the top and middle of my tree. It gave it some awesome depth and texture!


You’ll probably also notice that not all of my sticks are straight. Mother nature isn’t perfect and my trees aren’t either! They have curves and bends and a lot of the sticks have different texture. It makes it all the better!

With the big tree done, I made my second tree, which I wanted to be smaller. Same steps, but this time I didn’t use a brace to support the bottom since it was going to be a smaller tree.

Just glue the tops together and spread the bottoms apart…



Then add your other sticks and hot glue in place…


With both of the trees done, let’s add the snow!


Step five:

Now, with the snow spray, give your trees a nice coat. How thick you make it, or where you spray the snow is entirely up to you. I tried to think about where the snow would land naturally and spray in those areas.

*A fair warning: make sure you have some sort of paper or card board set up to catch the over spray. The trigger on this isn’t nearly as nice as the one on spray paint and the snow comes out full force- whether you want it to or not. πŸ™‚ Not like I know from experience or anything.

Step six:

Sprinkle on the glitter and let it fly. You can pick how thick and even you make it. I kept shaking the bottle until I thought it was covered.

Step seven:

Spray on a *light*, but even coat of spray adhesive.

Step eight:

Sprinkle on more glitter.

Step nine:

Spray on another *light* coat of spray adhesive.

Step ten:

Let the trees dry! I let mine dry for about 24 hours. The length of drying time will really depend on the thickness of the snow. However, the can says not to spray it on too thick or it won’t dry. I’d follow that!

Step eleven:

Be patient. You really want them to be as dry as possible!

*Side note # 1- The snow spray will seem like it won’t dry and that it could be easily be wiped off. The spray adhesive really helps with this, but make sure you don’t “man handle” the trees when they’re dry. The need to be handled gently and with care.

*Side note #2- Some glitter will fall off. It’s just the way it goes. The spray adhesive should help glue it to the snow.

*Side note # 3- The spray adhesive will make the snow crackle a little bit, but it only gives the branches more texture.

*Side note #4- Since you are using hot glue, you will have a few hot glue strands that will become noticeable after your spray on the snow and spray adhesive. I took a pair of tweezers and gently pulled them off. All better!


Once they’re dry, gently place them where you want them!






Really, these trees can’t be messed up. The hardest part is allowing them to dry.

And the price of these couldn’t be better! All the supplies I needed are found at Wal-Mart.

Sticks- Free

Glitter- $2.50

Snow Spray-$1.50- I think…

Adhesive- I had on hand.

Total Cost: $4.00

Boo Ya!

I’ve also been informed by several lovely readers that you can find these similar trees at Target, but I’m sure the price isn’t anywhere near mine! πŸ˜‰

If anyone has a better method than using the snow spray, I’d love to hear it. I thought about using the white spray glitter, but it doesn’t provide the “snow” look, which is what I wanted and what really makes these trees shine!

Next up is the cotton and jingle bell wreath, which I did see at Target. Mine is definitely cheaper than Target and it’s too easy!

Big Smiles!

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Christmas Shelves- AKA- My Mantle

You may remember that when we built our kitchen shelves all I could think about was decorating them for Christmas. Needless to say, I was quite the happy lady when it was time to decorate.Β  Ah, the joy!

I think I still might be floating on a cloud.

Admittedly, I did struggle with narrowing down my theme for this year. I soaked in so much inspiration that I wanted to include it all. That probably wouldn’t have turned out so great… Finally, I decided on a classic Christmas color duo: Silver & Gold. The only problem with my theme is that every time I say it in my head, I start singing the “Silver & Gold” song from Rudolf. Wait, that may not be that bad of a problem…Β  With the Silver & Gold, I decided to incorporate as much of nature as possible. That’s where its at. I’m nature inspired!

Let me also admit that I’m cheap. Like, I seriously didn’t want to buy a single thing, cheap. And for the most part, I really didn’t. I get a great thrill from re-using things we already have.

Because we don’t have a mantle, these shelves pose as mine instead.


For one of my “nature” aspects, I decided to make my own frosted trees from sticks I found outside. Stay tuned for the tutorial. They turned out lovely!


Honestly, saying that I love these trees is a HUGE understatement. I’m pretty sure they were the only thing I could talk about for two days. Feel sorry for my glitter hating husband…

Since I couldn’t get enough of my frosted trees, I decided to draw one on a little chalkboard too. (Seriously, I could have done a better job erasing my previous drawing… Make me feel better and pretend you don’t see that, okay?)


Again, those trees. AKA, my new best friends.


I had a lot of fun playing with different textures too. I really like how the soft, hard, fluffy and sleek textures all come together.




For the top shelf, I made a REALLY easy wreath from cotton balls and jingle bells, tutorial coming soon! It couldn’t be more lovely. And the textures are stunning combined with the tumbleweed branches from outside.


Practically perfect with a couple of DIY frosted pine cones beside it. Tutorial coming soon.





I can’t wait to show you the rest of our house! And stay tuned for several new tutorials!

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Breakfast Nook Update: Refinished Dresser

Hello and Happy Friday!

I’m back with yet another breakfast nook update. Now that we have added the bench, it’s prodded me to finish several other projects that I’ve been wanting to accomplish.

When I originally told you about the breakfast nook changes, I showed you my to do list:

1. Make a bench out of existing cabinets the full length of the window. Hopefully I can find the cabinets at Habitat for Humanity to save on cost. Fingers crossed!

2. DIY a bench cushion.

3. Hem curtains to allow for bench.

4. Get new pedestal table. I’ve been searching Craigslist and think I might have found one on the cheap. Just a little paint and elbow grease and we’ll have a show stopper.

5. Find new chairs for the table.

6. Find & install a new light fixture.

7. Make new DIY artwork.

8. Find new rug.

9. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

However, what I didn’t include on the list was refinishing the dresser.

Much like the table, it’s an important piece to the room. And one thing I never liked about the dresser was that it clashed with our current table and chairs.

Now, for a little history on the dresser. This was the first piece of furniture that I bought on the cheap with the intention of refinishing. Spray paint had also rocked my world around the same time, so, naturally we spray painted the entire thing black and changed out the knobs. Needless to say, this was a HUGE improvement to its previous condition. I really liked the look of the black.

Then, we moved in to our house and it’s new found home was in the breakfast nook posing as a sideboard rather than a dresser.

For six months I have looked at the breakfast nook knowing that there were several things “missing” or “out of place” and for six months I had been looking for the solution. Little did I know at the time, but the black dresser was prohibiting my true inspiration and ideas for the space. Sounds deep, I know.

After we installed the bench, I knew my next step was to transform the dresser. I kept imagining a totally different look and vibe. Something softer, more natural, with furniture that didn’t instantly “grab” or “take over” the room. The dresser kept doing that.

Now, for the record, I have nothing against black furniture. Obviously I think it’s striking, or I wouldn’t have painted it that way in the first place. Problem was, I kept trying to make it “fit” and it wouldn’t. It needed painted. And I was finally ok with doing it.

Inspiration hit not long after, and I had my solution.

This dresser underwent my first “serious” renovation. It didn’t include spray paint, and it didn’t include one solid color. Two toned was the way to go!

I wish I could show you the full room so that you could see the impact it’s had on the space, but you’ll have to wait!

Here it is all by it’s lonesome!

I am completely smitten with it’s two toned finish and the way the stain compliments the paint. It’s pure loveliness with a touch of rustic!

I’m totally impressed with how much better my accessories look! They’re no longer competing for your attention…

I left all of the original nicks and nail holes. They give it the slight rustic look that I was wanting. It’s not perfect and it looks like it has it’s own story.

This was such a rewarding project and one that taught me so much. I found that staining wood isn’t something to be afraid of. It won’t bite and it’s fixable- just grab your sander!

The more that I work with furniture, the more that I like it. Seeing these transformations is enough to keep me going!

Stay tuned for the step by step guide on how I transformed this dresser.

Big Smiles!

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Thankful Tree

Lately I’ve been focusing on our blessings… there are so many…. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I felt our home needed to have a daily display as a reminder for us to be continually thankful for each and every blessing that happens in our lives.

It’s an unbelievably pretty display, and one that catches my attention constantly.

I started with a tree limb from outside (much like this one), then pulled a plastic pot out of the garden shed and stuffed it with some green foam. From there I stuck the tree branch into the foam and wrapped the pot with burlap and tied it together with jute twine. Easy!

The next part was the most time consuming.

I knew there wasn’t anyway to hang all of our blessings on the tree… there aren’t enough branches! So, I chose several of them that easily came to mind.

From there, I typed them up in a word document, picked a pretty font and printed them on heavy card stock.

Next, I rummaged through my scrapbook paper stash and found a neutral pattern that was reversible. I actually ended up using the opposite side of the paper below, making the pattern below the back side.

This is everything I used:

I began by cutting each of our words into evenly spaced shapes.

Once all of the words were cut out, I started laying each one on the scapbook paper to form a border. Once I had an evenly spaced border on all four sides, I stuck a piece of double sided tape under the word and pressed the two together.

After I had all of the words done, I used a hole punch on the top of the paper (in the middle) and ran the just string through it. Once I had determined the string length, I simply tied the two ends together and hung them on the tree.


We just love the outcome!

This was such a simple project and something so very meaningful. Honestly, I love the way it looks in the house. I’m thinking about leaving it up for a while. After all, we could all use to be reminded of our blessing from time to time, right?

Try one in your home- you’ll love it!

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Fall Decor

I’ve been wanting to add a touch of fall to the dining room for a few weeks now. But, one way or another, something would come up and I wouldn’t get it done. Par for the course I guess, since I have ideas and projects everywhere.

While it is simple, I find that I rather like the look of simple and understated sometimes. I’ve been working on a slew of other projects, so simple and understated is best!

Since I have a corn field in my backyard, literally (check out the “Our Farm” page), I used that as my primary source for inspiration.

I found this lovely branch outside and thought it would look awesome inside… who says you can’t have a tree branch inside? I’m pretty much in love with it and the slight pop of orange and red it brings to the table.

Straight from the field and into a basket!

Nothing is more fall to me than corn, so I marched out into the field and started pulling corn off the stalks. Easy! I find it beautiful and very fitting. My husband was happy to have his crop on display too. πŸ˜‰

For the golden centerpiece I just cut the tassle off of the corn stalk (the very top of the corn) and stuffed them into foam. Then I just covered the foam with fallen sticks from outside. I love how it adds a touch of rustic to the table and dining room.

Another fabulous thing: it’s all free. Everything I used was from the great outdoors or things I had lying around the house. That, my friends, makes me happy.

Big Smiles!

Kitchen Shelves

I have major excitement today… this weekend I was able to talk my sweet, sweet husband into helping me finish a DIY project that I’ve been dreaming about and planning for forever.

You know I really like something if I haven’t changed my plans for two months… that’ll happen around our abode. I like to change things around a lot. πŸ˜‰

This DIY projectΒ  is really nothing new to the blog world. Kitchen shelves have popped up everywhere. And, as I found out this weekend, for good reason. They’re awesome. And, oh so versatile.

First off, I had a really great reason for wanting these shelves… amongst their obvious beauty of course.

We don’t have a fireplace. When we built our house we debated about adding a fireplace… I really like the look and ambiance that a fireplace gives a space, but I certainly didn’t want to have that as a primary or secondary source of heat. Plus, I really didn’t want to have the mess of chopping down wood and packing it through the house… Me no likey the mess. Trust me. I grew up in a house with a fireplace. That darn bark and dirt gets everywhere…. It ah, drives me crazy. And who wants to pay for something they’re not going to use?

(We don’t have natural gas either… just propane. And we weren’t having ANYTHING in the house fueled by propane except the gas cooktop… propane can be crazy pricey… We went with Geo-Thermal and LOVE it.)

But what I do like about fireplaces, is the mantle! You’re totally shocked that I just said that, right? Like, you weren’t expecting that as my reasoning… (Sense my sarcasm). Ok, glad we’re on the same page now. Moving on…

Mantles are pretty and they give so much freedom for decorating. They’re like clothes, you could change it daily. And without a whole lot of work to boot.

These shelves are like my mantle.Β  (Insert warm fuzzies HERE).

I majorly love these shelves…

Since they made an appearance in fall, of course I had to deck them out for the season. But, seriously, how awesome will these be to decorate with every changing season or on a whim or for anything! Really. So awesome!

Honestly, they were so easy to make. I’m a really bad blogger though, and I didn’t take pictures for a tutorial… just call me lame. Get it over with. I’ll wait. Seriously, go ahead. I was just thrilled to have my hubby’s attention and focus. I didn’t want him to get all sidetracked by me taking pictures and writing down step by step directions while he was helping me build them…

But, basically we just started building them. We sorta did it like this though. (Be sure to check out their AWESOME shelves too. Lovely.)

I love how ours turned out. I walk by to stare at them. I stand in the kitchen to stare at them. I sit on the couch to stare at them.Β  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m already working on several ideas. I’m pretty easy to make happy. Just give me some shelves and I’m all set.

Big Smiles!

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October Month in Review

Happy November 1st! Was it just me, or did October fly by?

I’m doing something new today. I’m wrapping up October… in one post. Welcome to our first Month in Review.

I kicked off October by Decorating the front porch with corn stalks:

Then I revealed my Painted Secretary:

The Secretary Reveal launched us into a ton of Entryway Updates:

With that, I showed you several new tutorials. Like the DIY Skeleton Key Art:

And the DIY Stick & Twig Star:

After the star I showed you my Upholstered Thrift Store Chair:

And then moved into the kitchen with my White Kitchen Tray:

Then it was onto more fall decorating-Β Happy Fall: Stick Style:

With that, I started a new series and showed you my Fall Welcome Banner:

Next, it was all about the office with my Office Desk Organizer Makeover: (say that three times fast!)

And then off to the Free Mudroom Bench:

Followed by the Living Room Curtains:

After that I told you all about our Breakfast Nook Plans:


After sharing my plans & inspiration, it was back to the mudroom with our updated Burlap Frame:

And finally, I wrapped up the month revealing my Painted Sewing Machine Table:

Whew! What a month! That was a lot! I feel so accomplished. πŸ˜‰

What was your favorite project? Do tell!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more!

Big Smiles!

Stick & Twig Welcome Banner

Here we are again with another stick and twig project! The best part? It was completely FREE! Score!

Over the past month I’ve been working on several projects to try and spruce up our entryway and front porch. It’s been so fun, especially since I’ve been bringing out my crafty and making all sorts of good stuff.

If you’ll remember, I started a new series this week:

(Just in case you missed Part 1 & Part 2)

Banners are everywhere. This is certainly not the first or last one you will ever see. But I might as well jump on the bandwagon since it’s something that I’ve always loved, just never done. However, I think the stick letters punch it up a level.

Again, it’s so very easy to create. I used the same tutorial as my fall saying for the letters.

The banner was equally easy.

Here’s what I did:

1. First I decided on the size for the actual banner.

2. Then I traced my original banner and made several copies.

3. Once all of my banner flags were cut, I began laying them out with jute rope to determine the length of the banner and the distance between each flag.

4. After I had the length I wanted, I began hot gluing the rope to the burlap flags.

5. Once the rope was glued to the burlap, I put a bead of hot glue on the outside edge and folded it over to cover the rope.

6. Flip your banner over, and put each letter on the appropriate flag. Just a suggestion, make sure you spell your word right… I may or may not be talking from experience. πŸ˜‰

7. Once the letters were in place I hot glued them to the flags.

From there I simply hung it up on the trim piece of our front door with hot glue. So far, it’s holding up beautifully! Even with one major windstorm!

I can officially say that I’m done with our front porch. At least I think. πŸ˜‰

The Welcome banner and “Happy Fall” pallet sign definitely punch up the front porch. And I still can’t believe that they were both FREE! Especially since they add such warmth to the space.

Big Smiles!

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Happy Fall- Stick Style & A New Series!

I’ve been thinking lately… I have all of these ideas for sticks. Seriously, I can’t get sticks out of my head.

Does that sound weird?

Maybe just a little….

Because of my new obsession, I’ve decided to create a little mini series: “Stick & Twigs- Fabulous & Free”!

Here goes the second idea with sticks & twigs as the main source of inspiration. (If you missed my first post, the stick star sure inspired me to create FREE things from nature.)

If a shape can be created, what about words? Brilliant!

Better yet, let’s create a saying!

Since fall makes me happy, it was pretty easy to decide on the words: Happy Fall.

So simple! But such a huge impact to the once plain jane pallet.

Here’s what you do:

1. Collect sticks.

2. On a piece of cardboard, draw the letters in the size and shape you want.

3. Begin breaking the sticks into pieces to form the letter.

4. Hot glue the pieces together.

5. Continue with the rest of the letters.

6. Add letters/ saying to blank surface, in my case a pallet.

7. Just hot glue the letters and enjoy!

Simple, simple!

These stick projects are sure making me love life. Especially when they’re free!

I hope your not sick of our front porch yet… I have at least one more project to show you. And yes, it involves sticks. πŸ˜‰

Big Smiles!

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Kitchen Tray

I’m a big believer in trays. I like how they instantly “group” something, or how they make an item look special. Anytime I find a tray, or something that even resembles one, I snatch it up and find a home for it. There’s always a place, trust me.

My latest find at the thrift store was this little beauty:

When I brought it home it didn’t looks so good. It was a really hideous red… Not that I have anything against red, but this had an orange-y tint to it. Blah.

I was in such a rush to get rid of the color, that I painted it before I took a “before” picture. Doh! Call me smart.

It’s playing a pretty big role by holding the olive oil, salt and pepper, plus a few pretties.

Our kitchen is still a room that needs a little personality, but projects like these sure help!

Ah, the simple pleasures…

Big Smiles!