The Wood Grain Cottage Website… It’s READY!

Hello All!

I can’t thank you enough for following along on Brightly Inspired. It’s now time to make the switch to

You’ll still find all the same great projects- but it’s much more organized! And pretty! 🙂

I’m not sure how many of you lovely readers are reading through’s reader, but I just wanted to encourage you to visit the new site and to follow along there! To all my e-mail subscribers, you shouldn’t even notice a difference… I hope! 🙂

Please join me on!




My Blogging Adventure & An Announcement

When I started my blogging adventure a year ago I never thought that I would enjoy it so much! It has truly brought an outlet for the creativity I kept bottled inside. To know that I have a place to share my ideas, designs and thoughts is absolutely wonderful. It’s almost like I found a part of myself that’s been missing.

Throughout this blogging adventure I have discovered several things about myself.

1. I’ve found that I’m not scared to go into thrift stores or The Salvation Army. Before, it was something that didn’t even cross my mind. Can you imagine all the things I’ve missed over the years?

2. I rather love bringing old and forgotten things back to life.

3. I love painting furniture and seeing the amazing transformation that paint brings time and time again.

4. I have a serious infatuation with our home and I love including meaningful items throughout our house.

5. I love creating a home that expresses not only my personality, but also my husband’s.

Number 5 holds a special place in my heart. Even though we just built our home and everything’s brand new, we will always have projects and ideas that will make this house feel more like our home.  We’ve both enjoy doing projects together and watching our combined ideas come to life.

With that, we have decided to change things here at Brightly Inspired. Beginning January 1st we will no longer be known as Brightly Inspired, but instead, The Wood Grain Cottage.

After what has seemed like months, I finally decided that switching our blogging name wouldn’t be catastrophic  to what we’ve already created. By re-naming our little blog that could, we will have a name that represents what this home really is to us. We will be joining the self hosted blog world and we have several new ideas up our sleeve.

You see, Brightly Inspired was perfect while we were designing and building our home. We were, as the title described, Inspired. But since we’ve moved in, our name didn’t fit as well as we’d hoped.

Bottom line is, I have a husband that loves wood grain. He has since I’ve met him.  That’s not going to change. And I love cottage style. It’s the perfect combination. With that, The Wood Grain Cottage was born.

Starting January 1st, Brightly Inspired will be transferred over to the new site, which I’m having all sorts of fun designing!

Nothing will change for you, my lovely readers. If anything, the new site will be more user friendly- for you and me both- and we’ll have a new name that describes this home loving couple much better. I’ll still be doing the same type of projects that you’ve all enjoyed and hopefully a bit more!

I hope you’ll continue to follow along! I greatly value each and every one of you!

And here’s a sneak peek  of something on our new site:

The Wood Grain Cottage

Have a terrific weekend!

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It’s Cloudy…. & Updates!

Hello All…. My plan for today was to share our Holiday Home Tour, but it’s just down right dark and cloudy outside. We’re expecting a big snow storm to hit this afternoon. Dark and cloudy doesn’t make for very good pictures…

So, in the meantime, I’m going to be working on a few more projects and some last minute Christmas shopping.

Also, I will have a rather large announcement later this week or beginning of next week. Be sure to stick around for it! It’s a biggie!

In other news, my Cotton Ball & Jingle Bell Wreath and Christmas Countdown were BOTH featured on The 36th Avenue! WOW! I feel completely blessed and so honored to be receiving all of this attention and recognition.

Jingle Bell Wreath


That’s it for today, but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging with the Holiday Home Tour up in the air. I’m sure your all just banging down the door excited to see inside our home. (Wink, Wink!) 😉

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Exciting News!

Hello friends! A bit of exciting news on this Monday morning- My DIY frosted trees made Centsational Girl’s Holiday Craft Party Highlight!

Pinch me, now!

And if you joining me from Centsational Girl, Welcome! I’m so glad to have you! Be sure to browse around and check out my project gallery and take a tour of our home.


You must check out her Craft Party Highlights post- I feel beyond honored to be included in such a fabulous spotlight! There’s so much amazing creativity!

Thank you all for being such fabulous readers!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my Christmas Home Tour!

-Big Smiles!

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