House Update: Master Bedroom & Bathroom


It’s all about the master suite today! The bedroom and bathroom are turning out simply amazing, it’s kind of surreal to see it happen. I know I say it all the time, probably more than it bears repeating, but it’s incredible to see a vision come to life.

It seems like yesterday we were buying the jetted tub and toilets…. We’ve come a very long way!

Notice the painted window ledges… now all we’re missing is the ceiling fan!

I picked up the bathroom mirrors at Ross for a complete steal. The only problem is that they’re black… it’s a little bit too dark for me, so they’re getting a fresh coat of white paint very soon.

The tile is completely finished, including grout. It’s dreamy.

We love it! It’s turned our fabulous. There are just a few minor things left to do. Like installing the mirrors, towel racks, major cleaning, etc. I’ll be sure to keep you posted and I can’t wait to show you the final reveal!!

We’re so close!! And yes, we’re still planning on moving in this weekend. Which is basically 2 (TWO) days away! Sweetness!


House Update: Insulation & Rock!

Who would have ever thought that we would be THIS excited to see insulation? After a week and a few days of waiting for mr. electrical inspector, we are finally making some more progress! And it feels AMAZING!

The house completely changed today… it got much smaller… in a good way! The walls are covered with insulation and the rooms are definitely distinct!

Take a look for yourself:

The view from the front door! Living room and breakfast nook.

And there’s a wall!

Dining Room!

Dining Room/ Entry


Another kitchen view!

Laundry Room!

Laundry Room Pedestals!


Hall Bath

Guest Room!

Master Bedroom!

Master Bathroom & Closet. (The tub has been moved for insulation to be placed behind it.)

Our garage!

And now, the rock!

This rock… *sigh*… it’s stunning… *sigh***… We LOVE it! It’s beautiful!

Stucco is set to be installed this Friday, but possibly next Monday. We. Can’t. Wait.!!!

The excitement levels are rather high right now. It’s kind of like crunch time, which means…. it’s almost moving time!

Want to hear some more good news?!?

Dry wall starts Thursday! YES!

Pinch me now!

Style Board Series: Master Bathroom

Hey there!

I’m back with another Style Board Series Post! Today’s focus is on the master bathroom. I can’t even describe how crazily excited I am over this room. Like many aspects of our new home, I’ve never actually had a spacious master bath that has a shower and a tub. Which are separate. Know what I mean? They’ve always been combined, but not this time! We have a totally separate bathtub from the shower… It’s almost too surreal!

First, let me say that the master bathroom has been the hardest room to make decisions on. I have no idea what I ultimately want the final outcome to be. That’s kinda the problem.  There are so many different “looks” that interest me, making it hard to pick something and run with it.

Add that the master bathroom and bedroom are um… connected… and we have the second problem. They need to flow together, which means that I can’t go all uber soft, relaxing and traditional in the master bedroom and then go contemporary and bold in the master bath. They’ll conflict and possibly confuse.

With that said, I like all of the elements that I’ve put together, but it’s missing a little something, something. I’ve yet to find what that is.

Let’s look at what I’ve put together:

(Source Information Below)

Here’s my inspiration. It’s pure as gold!








It’s all so pretty!

But, like I said before, I’m having conflicting ideas for this space. Either way it will be great, it’s just deciding on the general atmosphere of the space. We’ve actually already made some serious progress. Cabinets have been ordered, which are a dark chocolate, the tile has been picked and the lighting and faucets have been purchased. I would definitely call that progress! And it feels amazing to have those decisions out of the way! Amazing, I tell you!

Source Information:

White towels- Overstock

Tile- Home Depot

Apothecary Glass Jar Canister- Amazon

Shower Curtain- Lowes

Shower Curtain Hooks- Lowes

Vanity- Home Decorators Collection

White Tray- Amazon

Stacking Tables- Joss & Main

Vanity Light- Home Depot

Vanity Mirror- Home Depot

Faucet- Home Depot

Mirror- Home Decorators Collection

Paint Color- Benjamin Moore- First Crush

Paint Color- Restoration Hardware- Silver Sage


So, what about you? Do you have any conflicting decorating ideas? Honestly, I’m leaning heavily to the more traditional aspect of the scale. We shall see how it comes together!

Next up is the master closet, which also happens to be connected to the master bathroom. Should pose a fun third problem. Just keeping it real!

Oh beautiful closet, how I love thee…