Landscaping Love: Part 2

Here we are in part two of the sprinkler system/ lawn seeding series. Everything is going beautifully and we are thrilled to have a front and backyard! We’re happy with the dirt area for now, but can’t wait to start seeing some green grass shooting up. 🙂

We’re still missing the two other Blue Spruce trees for our berm, but they should be planted next week.

This weekend the hubby and I hit up a local nursery that had all their plants on sale… like 75% off. It was awesome! We picked up enough to do a whole section in our front yard and it looks so good, that I’m itching to go back and buy more! We also started on the walkway path from our garage to the front door. We got all excited about it and drove to our local Home Depot, only to find that they didn’t have what we needed to get started. Hopefully we’ll make progress on that this weekend! Here’s to hoping! 🙂

Pretty plants! More progress to come!

We inherited about 100 of these concrete pavers and we’re all about reusing them since they’re in perfect shape and match our house color.

Here’s a little action shot of the hubs seeding the backyard. It was an exciting moment. Amen.

We’ve made some serious progress and our exterior is looking SO much better.

Here’s the proof:



I love me some progress!


Landscaping Love: Part 1

I feel like I have a lot of posts that begin with “Part”. Perhaps that’s because we have so many projects going on, or so many different things to get done before something is considered complete. In a way, it’s a beautiful thing. It means that we’re making progress and I love progress.

Today’s topic is something that the hubby and I have REALLY wanted to get started. In every way, this is part of a new series.


It makes such a huge difference to a home and it’s something that we have ZERO of. Well, if you consider random rock landscaping then we have boat loads! Seriously.

The whole rock thing is a little annoying to us, because, well, we don’t have enough dirt to start a lawn. Which means we’ve hired someone to bring in 8 truck loads of dirt. It looks so much better around here!!! They’ve spread the dirt, with still more to come, and are getting ready to install sprinklers. We are beyond excited!

In just a few short weeks we could possibly have grass! WHAT??? My happy heart is singing!

Here’s what we’ve got:

Oh the joys of having dirt!

More dirt! You can see all our rocks in the background. That’s everywhere, which is why we’re to excited to see a yard forming!

It’s looking lovely! The rectangle area will be sprinklers and grass. Everything else is to be determined.

Now for the front:

The area on the left is more sprinklers and grass. The right side will be a berm with trees, bushes, flowers and rock. And maybe boulders. We haven’t gotten that far yet.

It may not look like much yet, but it’s a major improvement from what we had!

Here’s to grass!