About Me

I’m honored that you would like to know a little more about the brains behind Brightly Inspired. Really. I’m just a small town lady with inspired dreams and images of beautiful spaces dancing in her head. For me, It’s a “big deal” kind of passion. One that makes me lay awake at night wondering how I’ll ever convince my hubby to either: A.) Help me or B.) Let me do it. I’m sure many of you know exactly what I’m sayin… Am I right, or am I right?

Since I was a child, (it started early peeps) my hobby was to rearrange furniture and accessories. My poor mother would come home to my room completely disassembled and laying in the hallway. She loved it. (Can you sense the sarcasm?) :) One way or another I would sucker her into helping me move the big furniture. After about an entire day of purging, organizing and re-decorating, I would walk out of my newly transformed room and thrust my hands in the air yelling, “Success!”. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it felt pretty awesome. Those moments are like pure gold, to both me and my mom. She admits it now, willingly.

I’m positive that my husband has shared my mom’s feelings a time. Or two. Possibly even three. (Hey, who’s counting here?) But, I can say that this incredible hubby of mine is very supportive of all my ideas and inspirations. In all seriousness, he’s the reason I do what I do. Sure, at times he has vocally expressed his, should we say, concerned opinion about my methods of improvements? Let me just tell you that he’s a perfectionist. I’m a self-admitted perfectionist, maybe even borderline OCD. Okay, fine… my family does say that I’m OCD. Everything has a place. A home. An order. But he is a PERFECTIONIST. His projects are guaranteed to be perfect. I’m rambling. Really though, I’m just glad he’s on my side. I’m a lucky lady.

We also have a very special furry friend. His name is Drake and he’s the cheese to our macaroni. We love him. I’m sure you’ll be hearing about him at some point. He’ll like the attention. ;)

In 2011 my hubby and I moved back to my small hometown where we spent countless hours and months designing, re-designing and building our brand new home. We love it. (We better, right?) In June of 2012 we finally moved into our home and have since begun the undertaking of many glorious projects in the name of home ownership. Happy days! Just give me a glass of sweet ice tea, a can of spray paint and life is good!

I also can’t forget to mention that we are farmers. Yep, true story. I grew up on a farm and my heart has forever been captured by the hardworking lifestyle that provides an abundance of pride from the fruits of our labors. Check out Our Farm page to watch our crops grow!

In reality, this blog is dedicated to our new home and the journey that it brings. And most importantly, for all the family that we left behind when we moved and began our new-found farm life.

So, that’s where I’m at, loving this sweet, sweet life and the blessings that each day brings.



  1. Lovely blog- following! 🙂

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