Mudroom Burlap Frame

Hello Happy Friends!

Well, I finished another mudroom project. My checklist is dwindling and it feels awesome! Better yet, this little mudroom of ours is getting lots of much needed personality.

If you’ll remember, my last mudroom update was all about the FREE bench that I scored.

This project is no different in cost. We’ve had the frame for awhile and because I didn’t know what I wanted to put inside, it set with the stock photo’s. It totally lacked personality… one might have even given me a hard time for hanging it up with complete strangers staring at us every time we walked in the door to OUR own house… It was just one of those times where I was unsure what I wanted to do with it. So, naturally, I did nothing.

Enter in the lovely burlap, and inspiration finally struck me! Rather than pictures of us, why not letters?

And because I consider myself creatively cheap, I made letters out of cardboard I had on hand, rather than buying any needed supplies. So, you might have guess it, this project is also FREE!

Excuse me while I do my happy dance…………….dancing……………. twirling…………..dancing……………….. slipping…………….. falling…………….

Ok, I’m back.

The only thing that’s better than free, is how great it looks!

Seriously. Check it:

Awesome, right?

Easy peasy too!

All I did was trace my printed letters onto cardboard.

(Sorry for the picture quality, I was doing this project at night….)

After I traced my letters, I cut them out with a razor blade.

Cut my burlap to fit inside the 5 x 7 mat.

Painted my letters with leftover paint from my stripes and hot glued the letters to the burlap! So easy!

Honestly, I love how the burlap compliments the rug. They work perfectly together.

Here’s the before & after:

Ah, much better!

And, happily, we get to check another thing off the list.

1. Add storage bench below coat rack/ frame.

2. Upholster bench cushion or recover existing with fun fabric.

3. Add wire baskets for hats & things.

4. Add art/ pictures to coat rack frame.

5. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

6. Paint mudroom/ garage door.

7. Install non slip backing under current rug.

Yes, we’re quickly narrowing down the list. Awwww yaa!

Big Smiles!



  1. How pretty!! I really love this!


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