Living Room Secretary

Before I get busy on another furniture painting project, I felt it was necessary to show you the before pictures of our family secretary. It deserves more than just a quick before & after post because it’s been in my husband’s family for years! My husband grew up doing his homework on this secretary, so it holds many special memories for him.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were visiting his parents and I ran across it in the spare room. It was lovely! I told my husband how awesome it would be painted. At first, he thought I was crazy! He thinks that I want to paint everything. Ha, maybe I do!

I started to point out all of the ware and tear that it had suffered throughout the years and he finally came around to the idea of painting it.

After I got his approval I started to debate which color to paint it. First it was white, then it was gray, then back to white. I’ve been itching to paint it, but I couldn’t decide on the color. The last thing that I want to do is paint it, then wish I would’ve painted it the other color. It was better to just wait it out until I was positive.

I’ve finally decided, thanks to the latest Pottery Barn magazine. Right in time too… I was going crazy trying to decide.

My plan is to paint the entire thing white, except for the back of the inside, which will be a dark gray.

I can’t wait to get this project underway! It honestly feels wonderful to finally have decided.



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