Lovely Fabric Finds New Home

On my recent trip to JoAnn’s Fabric I found two fabrics that I had to have. If you’ve ever shopped for fabric, you know that if you find something you love, you will completely regret not buying it. Right then. I tend to dream about it for three days before I’ve finally had enough. Then I go back to buy it, and it’s gone. HATE THAT! Aarrrgggg…..

I did a little preventative maintenance this go round and I bought a yard of each of these beauties:

Yes, I am aware that we are going into fall. And yes, I am also aware that one of these fabrics is spring/ summery. I don’t care. The little voice was telling me that I had to buy these… listen to the little voice, people. Listen. I’ve learned the hard way, ok. Let’s save each other a whole lotta heart ache and just buy it! I can’t even think about not having this fabric. I tried.  I thought about walking out, arms empty, but then regret was setting in. So I bought them. Don’t judge.

I’m thinking kitchen tea towels. Or maybe napkins. Either way, they’re going to be lovely.


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