Mudroom Updates

Happy Monday!

You may have noticed that I decided to take last week off from the blog. It’s canning season around here and I was so busy making apricot and peach jam, green beans, pickled green beans and freezing corn, peppers, beats, carrots, green chilies, etc. that I didn’t have the time, or energy, to write up blog posts. Sorry about that.

Today’s post is all about the mudroom. I bought a new rug, which has inspired me to do a whole bunch of other things that really need done. So, we’re making a list. It wouldn’t be a project if it didn’t make my list. Everything goes on the list.

Here’s what we’ve got:

Before this we had nothing for a rug. And the mud and dirt was making me crazy (living on a farm= dirt)! I found this little beauty at Target. It’s since changed my world and has inspired me. Love it when that happens!

So, I must admit something. We’ve had that picture frame hanging up since we moved in and I still haven’t added anything to the frames. It’s true. I even have some of the things that I want to put inside it. Don’t judge.

I’m making it my mission to get this room in shape. Here comes the list:

1. Add storage bench below coat rack/ frame.

2. Upholster bench cushion or recover existing with fun fabric.

3. Add wire baskets for hats & things.

4. Add art/ pictures to coat rack frame.

5. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

6. Paint mudroom/ garage door.

7. Install non slip backing under current rug.

I’ve got my work cut out for me! Plus, we’re doing all of this on a budget! I’m going to try and make-over this room for $150.00. It’s going to be tight, especially since I know what the storage bench costs.

Bring on the creativity!



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