Breakfast Nook Progress

My hubby and I went round and round when we were building our home. He thought that we only needed one “eating area”. Be that a dining room or a breakfast nook, he only wanted one. Why? Because he knew that we would probably eat at the kitchen bar every night and not sit in either room. 😉

He might be right.

But that didn’t stop me from still wanting a dining room and a breakfast nook. Yes, my friends, we have both. And while we don’t use them everyday, they most definitely serve a purpose. You see, I have plans for these rooms. I like to entertain and host family gatherings and this house is set up perfectly for it! And truth be told, that excites me.

While my handsome husband still doesn’t see the purpose of having the two rooms, I certainly do. Plus, it’s more areas to decorate. 🙂

I showed you our dining room a few days ago, and here’s our breakfast nook!

It makes me oh so happy and I smile every time I walk by!

So very happy. It’ll brighten any mood! And I’m completely in love with my tree and birdie teapot and cup. It’s adorable. And it has a matching measuring cup set, which I’ll show you soon.

The vase. It’s stunning. A completely lucky find at our local thrift store. And it was $4.00. What? Lucky.

The black dresser was my first paint makeover project. It was a sad little piece that desperately wanted loved. I painted it black and added the glass knobs. Now, it’s a show stopper. And perfect with crisp white accessories and the wood tones from our table.

More plans are brewing for this room, but for now I am loving it!

What do you think? The bright pops of yellow and white have me under their spell. 🙂



  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    My favorite is the nooks credenza or whatever and all the accent pieces! So refreshing, well done!

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