Hands On: The Kitchen

The creative juices weren’t flowing as easily today. This post was almost named “The Grabby Kitchen”. But instead, I decided to go with something a little less grabbing and a bit more confusing. Ha!

Really, you have no idea what I’m about to discuss. Could it be cooking? A new tutorial? A new kitchen tool review? No. No. And No.

We’re talking about the kitchen knobs and handles. It’s equally as exciting as any of those other topics, probably more so.  Up until a few days ago, every time I went to open our cabinet drawers I would pinch my finger, break my stubby nails, or do damage to our cabinet finish. All compliments of our soft close drawers (which are truly fantastic).

The bonus of our knobs? They look wonderful. It completely changed the look of the kitchen and it quickly went from slightly drab to super fab. Everything ties together!

It’s the perfect “pop” against our dark cabinetry and goes beautifully with our stainless steel appliances.

Here’s the before:

And after again:

Big difference, right?

I’m on the hunt for pretty accessories, rugs and hand towels. The kitchen is definitely in need of a little personality!

Have a great one!


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