Our Entryway

This past weekend was chock full of home goodness. We worked on projects, we hung pictures and we organized. It was wonderful.

I had a chance to purge through all of my old decorating items and managed to fill an entire box designated to Goodwill. My style has changed a bit and I tried to re-purpose as much as possible. Spray paint was my BFF!

I managed to throw together our entry way, which turned out quite lovely and cheerful. Two of my favorite things!

But before I show it to you, do you remember this:

I had talked about it before here.

I loved it’s shape, style and mostly it’s price tag. At $15.00,  I knew it had to be mine! After several coats of white spray paint (seriously, look at all those nooks and crannies) I ended up with a mirror that I instantly loved.

Here’s how it turned it:

(Dining Room Sneak Peak!)

Not to bad for shopping my own house, eh? I love the happy greeting it gives to our visitors!

There are still things that I’d like to add and change, but I am completely sweet on the combination of colors and textures! The frame just happens to go perfectly with the mirror, setting it off. I love it when that happens!

I’ll have more later this week. Plus some “In Progress” pictures! Stay tuned!

Have a terrific day my friends!


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