House Update: Rock is Done!

Hello Friends! It’s a happy day! As you’ve probably already seen from my post title, the rock is finally finished! How exciting, right?

I am in love with it’s color variation and the general look that it gives to the house. It really is beautiful. And the rock guys were so wonderful to work with!

The hubby and I have been busy picking out the stucco colors. It’s easier now that the rock is done, but it’s still a little scary since it’s such a big commitment. Luckily, we already have an idea of how we want the finished product to look and I talked about that here.

Here it is!

The peak above the door will be stucco. At first we thought that we might have extra rock for that area, but as the work progressed we found that there wasn’t going to be enough left over. That’s OK, we are totally fine with it being stucco.

Dreamy though, isn’t it? I completely love the fact that it’s somewhat unique. Most houses always have a brownish rock with a tan to brownish texture. It was kind of boring to me and too expected. I didn’t like that. Who wants a house that looks like every other house? Boring.

Here’s what the rest of the exterior looks like:

We’re all ready for the next step with the stucco. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this crew. They have moved at blazing speed and are almost ready to coat it with mud! My timeline loving heart is very appreciative! 🙂

So, that’s where we’re at. And loving every minute of it!

With that, have a very awesome weekend! I’m doing a little painting… which I’ll show you next week… hopefully! 🙂


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