House Update: Randomly Awesome

I know several of you have been stalking the site for a new house update. I wish that I had more to show for the past weeks. We’ve been making a ton of progress, it’s just hard to show in pictures.

I’ll break down what we’ve been focusing our time on:

Plumbing & Electrical is finished! We’re just waiting for it to be inspected and approved.

Here’s what the inside looks like:

Notice the blue electrical outlets and the wire? This is looking from the breakfast nook into the living room and entry way.

Here’s another view:

Now we’re looking at the back kitchen wall, which will be home to the the gas cooktop (black line) and pot filler (red line)! Remember my love for the pot filler? It’s still strong as ever…. Maybe even stronger now that it’s a reality!

Next up is the geo thermal lines and venting. We’ve been very interested in this process, because it’s rather weird and obscenely huge.

Take a look for yourself.

After these huge trenches blew our mind, everything was back to normal. In like, a day.

And then we had these:

And now, for possibly the most exciting part of the update:


Yes, yes, you are seeing correctly. That is rock! And we LOVE it! It’s black, gray, cream and tan.

Here’s a closer view:

Definitely an exciting update, right? We should have stucco soon. We’ve gotten several bids and now just have to pick one of them.

Progress, glorious progress!


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