House Update: New Front Door

I’m back with a great update! Our front door has been installed. Sorry for the delay, the builders were busy finishing up a few other projects and helping the Geo-Thermal fella’s start their install! Yes!

Back to the front door, I just gotta show it some love. It’s real pretty. Super pretty. I’m loving it!

See it! Want a closer view? Ok! Happy to oblige!

Here’s an even closer view. And you didn’t even have to ask!

I love all of the details in the glass. It looks frosty! And the design, well, it makes me swoon! It’s such a welcoming greeting!

I still have to pick out the door knob. Hopefully we’ll make the purchase this weekend.

In other news, we’ve picked where the exterior lights will go, as well as the rock color and placement. We also have some super huge trenches for the Geo Thermal lines!

Take a look at these suckers!

They take up our backyard. It’s a big deal. Literally. And yes, pun intended! Ha!


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