Clear As Glass

Hey there! It’s been exciting around here. Lots of things are going on at the house and we are getting more and more anxious for the big move in day, which in all honesty is still up in the air. Sometime in March. Hopefully the beginning part, but middle at the latest.

It’s still looking about the same, but cooler. The windows are officially installed! YES!

They made such a huge difference on the interior and exterior of our home. And it’s warmer inside. Our heater really bites right now. Just sayin’. But the air conditioner, she’s blowing at full steam! Hopefully we’ll be ready to start with the Geo-Thermal soon.

Seeing this come together piece by piece is very awesome. Here’s some updated pictures for your enjoyment, or mine, whatever.

Notice the roofing material all ready to go as well as the fascia and soffitt finished! Woot Woot! Front door should be here soon! Can’t wait to see that beauty.

Back of the house is just waiting on the roof!

Garage side of the house. There still seems to be a gaping hole on this side… I’m hoping we get to pick the garage door out soon!

Let’s continue, shall we?

Master bathroom window. Can’t wait to see this come together. We’re busy picking out tile and the such!

I’ve been using this for inspiration:

(via HGTV)

Similar, huh?

I still haven’t picked out the colors, but it’s driving me crazy not knowing… I’ve been laying awake at night with color schemes running through my head. I’m hoping that I find a fabric that I like for the drapes. That should really help. I’m partly thinking about painting the wall with the window a different color to add a little drama. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. It’ll hit me eventually. Probably in the middle of the night.

Anyways, back to the rest of the tour.

Welcome to our lovely dining room! Please excuse the trash pile in the middle of the room. 🙂

The dining room, much like the master bathroom, has been a mystery to me for colors. I’ve been toying with a few ideas, but still haven’t committed to anything. The decisions are endless. Should it be more dramatic, or soft and soothing? Soft green or dark grey? Creamy white or light grey? Every time I walk into the house I stand in the room imagining different furniture placements and color schemes. I’ll figure it out eventually!

The rest of the windows are equally beautiful, but I wasn’t sure if you’d enjoy seeing every. single. window. But, if you feel like you’ve been cheated of the full tour, please, let me know. I could even shoot a video of me opening and closing them for the full effect. Scratch that idea.

I’ll be back later to share more progress. In the meantime, send good paint choosing vibrations my way. I’d prefer to get some sleep sometime soon.


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